إسقاط القروض بنظرة الديرة شات

This week both Deera & Dinar Chat are talking about this loans issue which everyone is getting involved in or to be more accurate, everyone who got himself involved in. My 5 years old brother was asking me why the government doesn’t wave 10 KD for everyone so we become happy… well it is not easy … my little brother is one of every other Kuwaiti who wants a win win situation … lets hear what the Deera chat guys had to say about it and please share what your thoughts.

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  1. Helloooooooo 😀
    shlonkom ? hope you’re all great 🙂

    What’s with the Arabic Title ? its ok .. just looked weird to me with all the English around 8)

    anyways , topic :
    It’s not fair as i see it .. laken its sounds good when the gov takes some persent of the laons instead of paying kuwait money to other countries ..

    maybe best thing is when the gov pay the laons and those without laons get the money in their bank accounts 😛 ( bel a7laaaam ha ! )

    walah kel shay geltooh eb mokana o if i said it again i’ll be like repeating it again ..
    ya36eekom el 3afya ..
    wee need to work alot and harder to be like a normal counrty like kuwait would be like …
    and believe me little tiny things et2ather fena ka dawla ..
    alah ekather men amthalkom .. o enshalah yarab ya36ekom 3ala gad neyatkom o ekhalekom 7ag el kuwait fakhar inshalah 🙂

    we all can do magic to kuwait’s future ..
    if there is well there is way ..

    thanks alot and just hope for the best .. and work for it 🙂
    im working for the best kuwait can get out of me .. and im sure all our friends here are doing the same :))

    thanks ,
    Salamaat Mesaed .. im glad you feel a bit better .. Matshof shar
    take care always 🙂

  2. God ma khalaitaw lena shay engoola ! LOL

    awal shay kel 3am wentaw eb khair ,menzeman 3ankom wallah o matshoof shar bo sa3da .

    First of all ana kelesh mo metfa’el eb future el dera sara7a,ya jema3a el mathaher ethba7atna ! el goroth el estehlakeya 7ag sayarat !!! fog el 15,000 KD Laish shallah 7adkom !

    ya3nee ana afham o atagabal el ghrooth 7ag el byout bs ghaira la sara7a .
    mostashfayat o ma6ar o jam3a bs ! ela kel el infrastructure ..
    ma atwaga3 ena ekhlesat meshakelna fee shaghlat aham men gesat el ghoroth ha o by the way i doubt ena 88% No way hatha ragom khayaleee akher mara gal el wazeer ena less than 60% o shay thanee wain e7teya6ee el ajyal ! etha fee shay zayed o 3ogob ma yabnoon el dera khal esawoon shay lohom !
    el 7al atwaga3 ena ewaz3oon shares o khalas wefokona sara7a men hal salfa ..o etha sar o 6aya7aw el ghorooth byebye kuwait coz el dera 7ag majmo3a mo lelkel ..
    hathe wallah elee yabeelha 7amla methel nabeeha 5 ..
    allah ya36eekom el 3afya o sam7ona .

  3. Thanks guys. This is by far one of the best neutral analysis I’ve heard. I will have to disagree on the salary bit of it however. I’ve written a short article about it before here.
    Reports show we are lower than other gulf countries, but same reports show our home rental is also much lower and not increasing as fast as other countries (Building owners… you didn’t read this!… Allah Yaster). Although I will benefit from it, but a 50 KD increase, and 250 KD gift will not change much of any body’s life. The problem is in the mentality. Otherwise how would a bachelor with 700 KD salary run out of cash? Except in extreme cases.

    It happened in one company I worked for. They gave some employees a monthly allowance that is not part of the salary. It was big, but some Kuwaities said I prefer half the amount as part of the salary, so that I can take loan on it! It’s in our blood.

    [Bedoor: we all can do magic to kuwait’s future ..
    if there is well there is way ..]

    That’s the problem. There is no well. Look at our majles and you will know. Almost none is working but for personal benefits.

    Allah Karem 🙂

  4. Bashar : thanks bro for what you’ve said . and im glad i see you again 🙂
    well .. to be honest i work in a pure government sector .. which is full of liers adn cheaters and just ppl full of personal needs and they work in their positions to have some personal benefits .. and i was just pissed off from what i see there everyday .. but guess what .. if i gave up and went to work in another private sector .. i’ll be the person to blame .. we cant change them .. but we can force them to change .. if i and many ppl like me who refuse to be like the bad ppl we have in the majles .. we can make magic ..

    its been 6 months that i work in that cruel place .. but i can see that i already make changes for ppl working 17 years and did nothing .. in 6 months i did many things ..

    so plz , lets work everyone on his own for the sake of KUWAIT .. not no one else .. and we’ll be fine ..
    at first i thought i can change the ppl around me and motivate them by telling them,.. but i was wrong .. when i dont tell them how things works for kuwait .. they act like me .. and when i tell them what i think is right .. they all go jelouse and mad and just wana kick me out cuz i know the lies و مثل مانقول بالكويتي
    ” اقول للعور عور ”

    one day they all will leave bro and we’ll take charge of things .. and inshalah we’ll be the best kuwait can get ..
    kuwait is just all what we have .. no money no ppl and nothing can take it from us … and nothing is worth selling kuwait for ..

    the problem is .. the government isnt used to ppl telling the truth and forcing them to do the right thing … in my work .. if the boss asked someone to do something they say inshalah bedoon neqash .. and when i went there .. and i say No to what i thing is wrong … i got the X mark for me .. cuz i have the guts to say No and Yes .. and they dont ..

    but hell with them all .. everyday i work for kuwait and kuwait only .. and that what we all should be doing … kelena shayfeen khair .. laish el bog o el na9b ele e9er ..

    anyways .. garagt wayed .. ;P bs men el 7arra walah .
    thanks again Bashar

  5. Hi BeDoor: I am being kept busy these days I know some ppl are upset of my absence. What can I say? Anyways, what you said is absolutely right, and hope you don’t break up anytime soon. A problem I’ve seen in private sector is, it’s not very much different and sometimes, it’s even worse than government.

    Musaed knows it. I quit my job 2 months back and now considering options, most likely I will join government sector as I need the after hours for my own. I got a lot to do and being on call all the time, living in the private sector doesn’t suit me much now. So let’s see how it goes in the government. If i meed any bedoor there I will make sure to look busy 😛

  6. Bashar : ppl when they ask me where do i work and i say there ( government sector ) they all go like : ohhhh mako shi’3l ga3den akel o bal3a 3adil ? ( translated : Noo work , you’re just relaxing and eating all the time at work right ? ) .. and i tell you its wrong .. the problem in gov sector is that the employee wont get fired .. so either he/she works hard and get positions so quickly .. or he/she eats and sleeps at the desk till end of work .. giving Zero persent as work .. and then getting the sallary in FULL and just doesnt care about being something big one day at work .

    so in gov sector if you’re welling to work .. there is so much to do for the gov and kuwait .. if you’re not welling then just relax and at the end of the day you’ll take ur sallary since its all you care about .. not you bashar i mean in general 😛

    so plz .. if you’re going to work in gov sector ( hope you’re with me loool ;P ) .. just do ur best .. things are slower in gov sectors than private i know .. but we’re young we can kick some ass with our well 😀 ..

    remember if there is well .. there is way 😀

    and if i got any newly emplooyed Bashar .. i’ll say HI 😀 hehehe a7san menek 😛

  7. Bashar : LOOOL .. la inshalah you’re going to get a better place somewhere you can be ur best and give out ur best ..just do ur best ..

    did you get a job now ? or still searching ?

  8. BeDoor: Sorry… i meant I worked for government sector before for a while. I got some options looking into them. Thanks for asking.

    (Are we getting out of topic or what!)

  9. With regard to fairness and justice, it is the government’s duty to help poor people and to close the gap between poor and rich. Not only it should give the poor but it should take from (tax) the rich as well.

    You can argue that getting yourself involved with the loans is not the government’s problem especially if the reason of the loan is to live in luxury. But if this attitude is widespread among citizens then the government should consider this as a real problem and its responsibility to find (or to create) solutions.


  10. Salah: Don’t you think that identifying the poor among our community is a very difficult thing? With all those luxurious debatable loans. Who is poor and who is not? And do I pay tax because I don’t have a loan. If so, then I will take a loan. Big one as well, and ask for it to be waived as I am now categorized as poor.

  11. Bashar:

    I’ve oversimplified the issue by mentioning “The gap between the rich the poor”. Actually I don’t think there are any Kuwaitis who are really poor. However, there are very fortunate people and many less fortunate people in Kuwait. Like in other countries, the less fortunate have many problems include financial, health, social problems… etc. It’s clear that a big proportion of Kuwaitis are from this class and they need help. This help is not necessary to be by waiving the loans. The government should find the solution not me. It can be education, throwing money on them, or both.

    Here in the west, rich people pay tax but the poor live on the welfare. Do you think this is injustice? I don’t.

    Many thanks.

  12. Salah: I see what you mean. But taxes in general go to government, and our government does not need more money. It’s a matter I believe of utilizing the existing money wisely. I don’t wanna give examples here.

    As for helping the poor, we have Zakat that will go to the poor and it’s obligation in Islam which is not available in western world, thus was born the welfare which you pointed out. Any more self gifting is always good, but another stream of extra mandatory tax to help them I think is awkward if we keep in mind we have zakat as obligation for poor already. And also, because the problem with the government is not where to get the money from again, but where they want to spend it and how.


  13. Bashsar:
    Interesting views regarding the taxes and the zakat though I don’t agree entirely. I may discuss this on another occasion as the focus of this episode of Deera-Chat is on the loans issue.

    I think we both agree now that it is fair to give some people more money than others according to their needs even if this comes from the public money. The problem now how we identify the people who are mostly in need. Definitely not by the amount they owe to the bank!

    Cheer you,

  14. Bashar : hii its been a long time since im got connected …
    anyways .. can you help me in suggesting some good private sector companies ?
    i work in government sector now .. and its like a WOW place .. but the mentality is just sick and wanna kick me cuz im smart and fast and the ppl in positions there .. dont like to be looked at them as their dump .. they refuse to improve theirselves . i;ve been fighting back everyday for the past 7 months ..

    its either i keep on fighting and fighing and win at last .. eb 6al3at el roo7 ! .. and waste my time with them fighting to be the best …
    or just hell with them and go show my work to someone who really would take advantage of my work and like it . and make me feel that im welcomed not a stranger with ppl i see more than my own family .. you know what i mean ?

    and yup we’re out of the topic .. sorry Chat family ;* love you .

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