1 or 5 lanes, which one is faster?

http://solesistersrdh.com/22143-i-pill-price-in-bd.html probe Dont you hate it when you pick the slowest line in the bank or Co Op. You see other people lined up after you and there almost done whilen you continue to wait, which beg the question: shoild we have one line to role them all? Join us in this week episode to here our take on the subject and please…wait ur turn 🙂

volunteer valtrex prescription and yeah by the way it is Ali’s Birthday today … HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI MAN … and the question is how old do you think he is now????

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7 Replies to “1 or 5 lanes, which one is faster?”

  1. Happy Birthday to you Ali,

    My guess is based on other assumptions, I think he’s just finished uni, thats why he is so enthusiastic and he’s just come back from America, so he is 23 years old

    As for the topic this week, I think no waiting is the best but if thats a must then one lane is better than 5 because Fairness and Justice is very important for me in every thing.

    Best Regards

  2. happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay .. 😀
    i think he’s 25 years old ? ..
    age is just a number anyways 😛 .. the most important thing is that he’s happy .. in good health .. and just having a good heart 😀

    lines .. ohhh i hate waiting .. but well i hate also ppl jumping into the line ..
    so the best thing is having time for whatever you’re doing and needed the line for .. or just like mee .. when i go to a shop or something .. the first thing i see is the line of paying ppl or like whatever .. so if its fast or not crowded .. then i’ll do whatever i want.. o bas ..

    God knows how many times i went in to a shop and i want to pay .. and bcuz of the line .. i keep everything and left 😛 .. but i guess if i need some papers to do or something i should respect the line .. like in university days .. walaw ina i didnt experince it alot cuz i normally set my class times at home online .. but yeah i guess there are days that i waited in line .. like banks and stuff like .. pure government rotine .. oh well ..

    LOOL @ ya ba6ee2 .. hehehe from Mesaed Speech 😛 * made me laugh *

    oh i hate it to be honest to be in the slowest line or whatever … cuz i like think fast myself ..

    but oh well .. you gatta do what you gatta do to finish whatever you need ..

    anyways thaaanks alot
    had fun listing to you guys

    Happy birthday to you Ali .. 🙂

    Mesaed when is your bday ?

    kel 3am o 3ali eb alf 5air..o wish u all the best in years to come.. o 3omer 6weel enshalah..
    9ij ur gettin old 😛 o turnin into a shayeb 😛 bas always young at heart (thats wat counts! hehehe )…
    TC allzZ 😉

  4. As for the main topic, I don’t think it would be a big problem if there is a respected fast lane in co-ops. That way people with few items will finish fast, and most other people would have lots of items anyways. Problem is, even co-ops officials by pass the fast lane rule. I am talking specifically about Mishref. Your idea is good but requires a long lane, and humans who stand in line!

  5. He is 25, I know.. Happy belated b-day 3aly 🙂

    And no, it’s fine with me to be on the slowest one because I have to learn how to wait, the value of waiting, and being patient (wallah I have to) 😛

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