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so I think we are doing just fine!
thanks everyone for your support

Happy Valentine’s from Deera, Dinar, and NOW MOVIE Chat

Happy Valentine’s everyone, one day late of course. we prepared a special episode for this occasion and we would like to ask everybody this one single question;
Is Valentine’s a Blessing or a Curse?
listen to the episode and you’ll know what we mean by a blessing or a curse and let us know what you think.

I love Deera Chat

Deera Chat is proud to introduce its second specializing outing with Movie Chat, a show focuses on the Movie industry, we will not just talk about movies and box office hits but we will dive deeper then that! Get ready for comparison, best of, top 10… and much more. The show is presented by Musaed & Fahad and look for it every Wednesday, and the popcorn on you 🙂

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Coming Soon….Movie Chat

Deera chat is planning to launch its second expansion with Movie Chat, a show which will focus on the movie industry, it will cover not only what’s new in the world of movies, but also an in depth analysis, news, and comparisons. So stay tuned for the pilot episode.

Dinar Chat followup

we started Dinar Chat two weeks now and we would like to share the two episodes we did so far in our beloved Deera Chat;

1- Kuwait International Financial City
2- Kuwait Investment Options

you can subscribe to Dinar Chat by following the icon in the sidebar or clicking below

or visit our podcast blog in

in case you didn’t like finance and money talk, you’ll like Dinar Chat because we approach the topics in a fun and nice way … so check out the two podcasts we did so far and let us know what you think