I have a dream!

A young Egyptian kid once told his father

why don’t we be like this kid?!
and if we decide on something we become something else in the future!!
Who do we have to blame?
ourselves? the system? our parents?
and how to fix it?
listen to this week’s episode to find out

Tumbleweed’s Burritos

Ali is loving burritos!!! big big time… I feel like i am walking burrito day and night … i had burritos 3 times in one week only!!!
here is the story,
Musaed took me to Tumbleweed, Texan resutrant located in il bidi3. we ordered the Beef Burrito with sour cream and rice. Man that was the BEST burritos i tried since i came back from the States. It was juicy, fat, and tasty.
The service was nice and the place was quite. Actually we had fun … so you should go and try the BEEF BURRITO and let us know what you think!
burrito tumbleweed

Health Insurance in Kuwait

Why a Kuwaiti has to wait inline in the governmental lines to get Healthcare? we are all 2 million people with 5 governmental hospitals? how can we fix it? is it a dream that we can go to the hospital and get treated right away?
wait line hospital
specially the weather here in Kuwait is so polluted with sickness!!!
anyhow listen to us this week and tell us what you think about the solution we laid out.