Why Smoking is GOOD for you!

We always hear and read, smoking kills and its bad for you, yet people still smoke. so we decided to talk about why smoking good for you! NOW before you get all upset, check out the show and you will know

2nd hand smoke

Dinar Chat: Ejarah

A basic introduction to one of the successful Islamic Banking principles was needed in our podcast. We talked about Ejarah and the basic financial theory behind it, listen to us this week to have the arms and legs to deal with Ejarah and see your dollars flying everywhere.

P.S. Sorry Dr. Bo Rashid for posting announcing the episode late!

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Thank you Salem

I’d like to thank our friend Salem for helping us out in fixing the feed problem we were facing recently, it still needs some tweaking but i promise it will be fixed by tomorrow … lets all say it … THANK YOU SALEM

sorry for the technical problems but i promise that i will get everything working soon

Deera Chat is MOVING

Dear all, we are moving the blog to www.deera-chat.com where updates will be seen there from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience but thats one of the ways to move things forward in our podcast blog.

Ali & Musaed

Why we hate living in Apartments?

you live in an apartment?? eeeewww

thats the kind of the face expression you get when people know you live in an apartment

there so many factors that play in this rejection, Listen to us and you’ll find out why 😉

Major Blog changes

Sorry for the inconvience where we just liberated ourselves from wordpress.com and installed wordpress 2.1

all podcast files will be working by the end of today.

Deera Chat in Sharq

we just put our first role up banner in Sharq market. You’ll see the banner when enter from the main gate before the water clock.