Review: Cookies n Cream

Yesterday i was told by il ‘7al Musaed that there is a new cookies place in Town, located in Bneid il Qar. The place is run by two Kuwaiti guys and owned by their mother, i think hehehe. anyhow they are nice people coz they made me try almost everything they had and man it was GOOOD, I give it two thumbs up!
the place is small but very nice and worth visiting. It is located in the second turn after Kabab il 7oja on Mohamad Rafi3 Maarafi street.
cookies cream deera chat kuwait

Al Henna why did it disappear?

Did it become too old for our cool girls?? or is it just a phase where it will come back again to dominate the cosmetics market?
and the main question is, as guys what do we think when we see girls on Hina, lol… i mean Hina on girls

Kuwait Events Calendar

What is your plan for tonight? Do you know if there any events happening in Kuwait for the weekend? is there a new band playing somewhere in Kuwait? what the movies showing up in the cinemas soon?
wanna find out
check out our new Kuwait Events Calendar by clicking here
Also we have a list which will be updated daily on the right of the new upcoming events in Kuwait

PLEASE: if there is an event you want us and want to post it to our calendar … just email us at

Deera Chat Shows New Schedule

After studying the behavior of our listeners we came up with a new schedule for our weekly shows;

1- Deera Chat – Every Thursday
2- Dinar Chat – Every Saturday
3- Movie Chat – Every Monday


Dinar Chat: Investment Trusts

What is the Origin of an Investment Trust? (الصندوق الإستثماري) “hope that’s the right translation for it”
and how you’d be able to make money out of it?
and how it is implemented here in Kuwait and in the Gulf region?
for people “3ala qad 7alhom” like us … how we’d be able to make money of the investment trust with a small capital???
i guess the last question is the golden question…. so listen to us to find out

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Going to the Movies God helps you!

Going to the movies supposed to be entertaining, not in here. Get ready for crying babies, annoying guys, late people, and best of all, ringing mobiles. but wait, there is more, but you have to listen to it in this week’s episode.