Why don’t we read?!?!

we all talk about how reading is good for the person’s knowledge, personality, and and and and … but you rarely see people reading?? is it because we too good to read? is it because we know everything?? or is it because we just too lazy to read?

kuwait reading bookworm

Listen to our show this week to learn about Deera Chat’s perspective in this matter

Deera Chat Hotspots

We are happy to announce our new Hotspots page where you’ll be able to allocate all kinds of malls, restaurants, hot spots, coffee shops, buildings, ministries, etc on a Google Map integrated in our website interface. As you will notice, headlines are only associated with the locations where we will add pictures, if applicable, and descriptions of the highlighted spots. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

you can find the page among the tabs on the top of the page. http://www.deera-chat.com/hotspots

Shopping Decisions

Is your closet packed with stuff you don’t wear? do you buy stuff to touch your skin once? do you really need all the stuff you buy? man, there are many questions you have to ask yourself before buying clothes, and today we at Deera Chat analyzed the situation and we offered some solutions to this dilemma, so listen to us and see how true this case

P.S. Sorry for being late posting the episode for this week but listen to the show and you’ll notice the difference in the sound quality

P.S. you must have noticed the new banner in our website … and you will notice the new logo in our site … they both are the works of the GREAT BEDOOR. we again would like to thank her for her efforts toward Deera Chat! thanks Bedoor

Day people vs. Night people

which one are you? do you go to bed at 10 pm like Ali or at 2 am like Musaed?

each has its own feeling and sensation. Before you start listening to the show decide to which group you belong and list all the activities you do during your day or night time. if you don’t know, you can take this test! CLICK HERE
morning person

Dinar Chat: Piracy in Kuwait

Would you pay 7 K.D. for a movie or just 1 for the pirated version? of course you’d go for the 1 K.D.!!! but once you take your one K.D. out and pay it, there are many issues that will impact you as a consumer, the economy, and the company who made the C.D. Listen to this episode to learn more about these fact

P.S. many thanks to our friend Bashar Abdullah for suggesting the topic below are some articles you’ll find interesting about the same topic

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Free Internet in Kuwait

Here in Kuwait we have all the basic components we need to have a free internet service for every single person living in the Kuwaiti soul … so why it is not happening and what it happens, how it would benefit me and you?!

Listen to your show this week to find out

Bedoor Rocks … AGAIN

We were speechless when we saw these pictures and man Bedoor ROCKS big time … just take a look and you’ll know why
dinar chat deera chat pellow
dinar chat deera chat pellow
and all we can say FOR NOW is thanks and we promise we have big things in mind for talented people like you.

Deera Chat E-vents Page

we just added a cool new plug in where you can display all events happening in Kuwait which you see in the sidebar in a calendar view! we just love it, check it out by clicking at the E-vents tab.