TGI Friday is IN

The big shots decided to move the weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday. So how will we feel as Friday and Saturday weekend people!! will we do more shopping?? will we do more family visiting?? how will it change our behaviors??

Listen to us this week and share your thoughts with us

Doctor vs. Patient Expectations

Physical treatment is not the only way to treat patients, doctor attitude, colors, weather, and even the food the eat play a part in their treatment as well!

the same goes for doctors who have to have all the different skills to talk to the different patients which is very hard. So listen to this week’s episode to see Deera Chat’s perspective in this issue and you have to choice to agree or disagree.

doctor patient relationship

Customer Service In Kuwait

Marketing a product is good enough to make a customer buy stuff, but to keep him happy, you need to have customer service. Customer service plays a big part in our lives today but this sector is still evolving in Kuwait and not applied properly yet. So listen to our show this week to find out more

customer service kuwait

Thank you Ali!

I would like to give a big hand to Ali for giving Deera Chat a nice “Face Lift” with the new look and feel of the web site. Well done man, Good Job J



Wedding vs. a Piece of Mindً

Wedding Dress : ~5,000 K.D.
Dinner : ~5,000 K.D.
Invitations: ~1000 K.D.
Kosha: there is no limit
we only mentioned three small parts of the wedding preparation process. People spend a lot of time, money, and effort in making this event happening to the “people’s” expectations. why we didn’t think of spending the same money or effort on making something the couples would benefit from in the long run? we in this week’s episode discuss the alternatives for this event, so enjoy and have fun and let us know what you think.

Government vs. Private

every year we have tones of youngsters graduating from Kuwait, GCC countries, Jordan, Egypt, US, UK, and other places as well … THEY ALL HAVE to decide whether to work for the government or the private sector, each has its advantages and disadvantages. We go over these points breifly in this episode and we also would like to her from you about this matter so please share with us 😉