Best Steak in Kuwait

We talked about Burgers before, now we want to know what is the best place to have a nice, juicy tender steak in Kuwait? Tumbleweed, Fridays… lots of good places out there. for me (Musaed) I’ll go with Terrace Grill, Ali loves Rib Eye so…lets hear yours


Wait this spot is reserved!

every time you pass by a mall or a any kind of building here in Kuwait .. you see cars parked in the handicap spots! does that mean we have a higher percentage of handicaps in the country? or people are just not respecting the laws and no one cares for the people who needs these services? so listen to our episode this weekend to learn how things are being done here in Kuwait and what suggest from our side .. so listen up to our show and learn !!


Also because things move REAL slow during the summer time, deera chat will be coming to you every other week from now on till the end of the summer but Ali and Dr. Bo Rashid will be releasing an episode to fill in for the no show weeks. And yeah Movie Chat will stay on its schedule

Patient’s Family vs. Doctor’s expectation

we come back to you with another episode on the relationship between doctors and patients. Usually families play the first defense line for their patients and man they are hard to deal with due to many reasons which Musaed will talk to you about this week. So plug in your headphones and listen to our show and then let us know what you think 😉

What makes a gift??

how do you define a gift? and when do you give a gift out? and are the types of gifts?? there are so many questions you ask yourself when it comes to gift الخال مساعد this week takes the gifts concept and analzye it for us in a very easy way … so listen to us and let us know what you think

deera chat mixtape gift

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