Cafes vs. Coffee Shops

If you decided one day to go to a Cafe (قهوة), just take a minute and see how you’ll behave, wear, and do there and compare this day to another day you spend to a coffee shop (Starbucks, Columbus cafe, Coffee Bean, Second Cup, etc). Man you’ll see a huge difference, the main thing which Ali noticed of course is the ABSENCE OF GIRLS in the قهوة on the other hand, Musaed noticed tones of other things … listen up and you’ll know what the differences are.

Hats off for Mishruf Co Op

I was most pleased with my visits to Mishraf Co Op. What I liked the most was their parking building, very nice, shaded, and convinantly placed near the Co Op, I was even more surprised that its free of charge. It shows how intelagent the management team are to come up with such a good solution with a very little space.

it got better when I notice that between the parking building and the Co Op there is a blocked street with a manned gate at its entrance, garanteeing that this gate can only be opened for handicapped person. this is a very convienant solution for handicap parking and can not be abused by those of low moral standards.

I wish other Co Op can look at this as a the perfect example of what a really good and responsible thinking can achieve. well done

Save Save Save

Kuwait’s National Energy Efficiency Project has been doing a great job showing people of Kuwait the carelessness of their power and water usage. The question here wasn’t this program supposed to start 10 or 5 years ago to avoid such power crisis? or we just wait til “الفاس يطيح بالراس” to do something? well listen to this show this week and let us know what you think

Deera Chat in Bazaar!

Started with; “100% pure Kuwaiti Podcast (and the only one around)” title to introduce Deera Chat to Bazaar readers. the article is very interesting, well of course lol, and talks about deera chat in depth. just click on the image to read the article and please share your thoughts

deera chat bazaar

and yeah, thanks Bazaar !