how can Jack Bauer save the world in 24 hours?? did he take time management courses here and there and learned how to kill the terrorists in a certain hour so the bombs won’t go off later on ,,, does he use a super smart phone to work his schedule out? or he just let things be and get them done when they happen?? well listen to this week’s episode where we talk about time management and how to fit your schedule and your daily increasing activities in the same old 24 hours

Wudu in Public places

have you ever been to bathroom in a mall and found it dripping water from top to bottom, even trash canes are filled with water,  and the reason most likely is because of the prayer time. This week in Deera Chat we talk about this issue, about why we do that in public areas where other people will not be able to use the bathroom after we finish Wudu. We are not discouraging Wudu and prayer in public but we would like see more people use the bathroom and leave it CLEAN for others.  may be we need to use stuff similar to the below picture. Listen  up  and  enjoy

auto wudu deera chat

the alteration of time

Our cultures are changing … The unacceptable back in the old days is now being acceptable … if you take a look at the “seerat il 700b” show which people back in the old days were considering a NO NO subject to talk about … so what happened now and how people are receiving this kind of change. listen to our show this week to find out.

فوزية الدريع سيرة الØب deera chat