how can Jack Bauer save the world in 24 hours?? did he take time management courses here and there and learned how to kill the terrorists in a certain hour so the bombs won’t go off later on ,,, does he use a super smart phone to work his schedule out? or he just let things be and get them done when they happen?? well listen to this week’s episode where we talk about time management and how to fit your schedule and your daily increasing activities in the same old 24 hours

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  1. hiiiiiiiiiiii miss you family ;*
    was sick and ups and downs .. will im back ..

    for me .. i often do my bank thingy and my mobile billing payments online ..
    im back to the gym so after work .. i go to the gym .. depends if i had to take a nap or no .. and im single so i dont have many responsibilities .. just me myself and my parents are the periority in my life .. so i just be with them other than being with friends maybe once a week ..

    smart phones are nice and cool .. im a mobile geek ! technology geek if you want too ! .. but im such a gurl when it comes to those huge devices .. i like tiny sized devices and those tiny technological devices wont have so much options .. but im doing well with what i have .. other than the size , clear calender and the alarm are the most important thing in my device to attract my attention in getting one ..

    i agree with Meased about the audiobooks .. i even want an ipod ( yup i dont have one ) for this thing only .. cuz i would be happy listeining to a book while in the gym 😀 …

    thaanks alot for the episode today ..
    etwanes ..
    and i enjoyed it as always
    take care both of you

    Allah ewafegkom fe kel shay feh khair enshalah
    o be as happy as a happy heart can be :)))

    see ya enshalah soon .

  2. انا بصراحه عندي نظره ثانيه في هذا الموضوع
    وبخصوص عدم ايجاد وقت كافي لعمل كل شئ
    بصراحه نحن من يضيع الوقت نحن من نزيد الاتزمات نحن من نششتت الذهن
    كيف ؟
    مثال واحد فقط :
    عندما اشتري جهاز مثلا موبايل ذو مواصفات كثره ومميزات عديده ,يحتاج وقت ان اعرف بعض هذه المميزات ,ايذا هو اخذ وقت مني من غير لا اشعر

  3. Bedoor
    i think musaed forgot to reply to your message because it wasn’t there
    you were sick haa
    wala you can always check the net … and see what is happening … last time you become sick and last time you don’t write to us early
    see you knowing what you have to do things or not is a very good thing because lots of people just wander clueless without knowing what they want!!!

  4. hmm, i think you should post about (shlon yeserlek khelg)? i think now adays everyone knows abt time managment/tech/etc.. bs il 7achy maaaaaalna khelg especially in ramadhan =p fa i really think it’s about (il3ayazzzzzzz)!

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