Al 3idia

this week we talked about al 3idia and we discussed the following;

1- how old do you have to be to stop getting 3idia?

2- when do you start giving out 3ayadi?
3- the inflation of 3ayadi

so listen up and lets us know what you think

P.S. we are sorry for posting late, we promise it won’t happen again 😉

6 Replies to “Al 3idia”

  1. WooooW
    Thanx the lord …. Ali & Musaeed

    Finally, Ramadan will End …. Soon. This is the first time I wait the end of Ramadan impatiently. I don’t know why, but Ramadan this year tastes different my be because I am single and my wife with my new beloved littlie baby girl are away from me due to the childbirth. Also, I have to wake up daily at 7:00 am 🙁 .
    Any way….
    3idiah….. the thing made us excited to the Eid. It allows the happiness into the kids’ hearts. ياريت I am still given 3idiah but هيهات. Every 3id,I have a bunch of kids waiting 4 their 3idiah Stand in a queue out of my door, even before I open my eyes from the sleep. So, my strategy now is to have sons as much as I cane to collect 3idias as much as possible and then divert the liquidity to reveres. In other words, خذ من جيسه وعايده 🙂 .

    كل عام وأنتو بخير
    My 3idiah can be deposited into bank account # 123-123123-123 Bank of Deera-chat Ltd.

  2. 3eedkom imbarak guys 🙂

    in my family the system is pretty clear. we are ALOT of a7fad mashallah

    kids from birth all the way to middle school get 5kd
    Highschoolers get 10 kd
    University students 20

    once you get a Job, or you get married the 3ediya stops

    grandchildren are not required to hand out 3ediya to other grandchildren, you only give to nephews and nieces. and when my grandma allah yr7amha was alive we all gave her 3ediya too.

    and this year is my last year to enjoy the free handout so im going to make the most f it!

    o 3asakom min 3owada inshallah

  3. Hellooooooooooo 😀

    thanks for the episode ..

    Finally erme’6an bekhali9 ! .. this year ramadan is just so tiering … maybe cuz i feel lonely all the time !? and work is just getting more lame everyday .. getting up early and going to work cuz i simply cant hug the pilow and i have work to do ! and found out that every body is having “fasting” is a good excuse to skip work , be mad and angry at everything and just be cheap ! .. so yeah this year im tired a bit – physically and emotionally .

    anyways , till what age you get 3idiya .. in my case .. i didnt stop getting 3idiya yet 😛 from mom and dad basicly .. others just stop giving me 3ideya but alah ekhalele omy o oboy :)) o ana the little daddy’s gurl soo yeah it wont stop inshalah ;P
    and i this is the first year im giving out 3edeya cuz its the first 3eed that im working ;D ..
    bs mafro’6 the one giving 3edeya should be taking 3ediya also for his/her kids ..

    y3ne a7es its not fair giving other kids and i dont have kids to take 3edya …
    ( oh i said that before i listened to the part where Mesaed said that same thing ) .. so i shouldnt give out 3edeya this year ? ;P .. ( i already took cash money and kept it for 3edeya since yesterday ) 😉

    my first 3edeya when i was about 11.. kanat 5 kds .. 😛
    o hal ayam bo 1 year .. yakheth 10 kd.. DENYA ;P

    thanks for the episode ..
    y36eekom el 3afya
    and take care always 🙂

    P.s : ABE ASAFER :””(

  4. ummm walla i think ill get my 3eediya and only 3eediya from the kind family of deera-chat.. Fedeet`hoom walla
    oo 3edkoom embaraak enshalla

  5. u r nor required to give edeya unless u r at least married and got kids to colect what u r spreeding around ..u give and they feel ashamed to give u back what u gave to ther children (if they have shame that is..some don’t …ele nsmeehm waayh manchb)

    w wala ana agool etha el salfa etha 36eetona m36eekm el a7san el kel yb6il w el yahal ywanshm 7eta rb3 deenar bs a7na ka bshr el 36yaah 9aart (chm 36eet t7s b qeemtik bel majtm3…which is hatha ele 9aayer if we look at it very clearly….wela chan ay wa7d wanas el yahal b dinar w thats it w ma 9aart el salfa issue)

    so ….i think b majtm3na hatha el better is to leave it to grandmas and grandpas to give …..and until we become ones…we r off the hook for now 😉 EIDKM EMBARUK

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