Al Henna why did it disappear?

Did it become too old for our cool girls?? or is it just a phase where it will come back again to dominate the cosmetics market?
and the main question is, as guys what do we think when we see girls on Hina, lol… i mean Hina on girls

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  1. Hehehe .. Thaaaaanks .. *sta7aaait * ..
    i was listening to the episode and when it reached to Musaed saying awal wa7da et7e6 comment i was like … menoo hathyyy :@ etnafesneee ! .. hehehe then its Moi .. LOL ..

    anddd about the designs i really enjoyed doing them and you deserve the best and i wish i could help you with anything 🙂

    and now the fun part .. Hina .. for me personally i didnt do hina klish klish klish .. not becuz of anything walah .. bel 3ask its nice o shay y3ne mako khelaf 3alaih ena ohwa no3 men el zeena for the ladies .. i personally prefer it to be black and the design or the drawing is tiny like a little flower wela a tinyyy like fish ( yeah i like sea life :P) .. wela like a tiny butterfly .. chethe its nice o mrateba o cuta .. ;P.. ohh and its gona loook even nicer if it was on the feet … dont you agree ? .. ;D *thinking i must go give it a try *

    and i didnt know guys like Hinna .. and its Jathaba b3ad :S .. i thought its like .. normal ..

    its cute on little girls in eid or events like school party chethe nice ..
    laken for an adult to have like hina all over her hands and fingers and nails .. i just dont see it so nice ;/ i like neat .. the neater/smaller .. the nicer/cooler ;P

    i agree about the tatto thingy done with hinna .. couz its easy to remove and its washable and what is more important .. no pain is in it … tha tattos i think they do it with neadels and stuff .. and its stickes and never go ..

    so that’s it … thanks alot again for the episode ..
    y36eeekom el 3afya .. ;D

  2. Bedoor;
    thanks for your comment and you are the first to comment as always which is a nice thing
    by saying you never did hina … you proved our point that girls aint into hina like in the old days
    the only times you see hina is as we mentioned during the eids or national events, i think we need to promote for hina more and more

  3. اااااااااالله انا غرامي الحننننننننننننه احب اشم ريحتها وااااااااااايد واكثر شي احب احطها في شعري لانها تعطي لون مو طبيعي لشعري وشعري يصير احلى …^___^

    اما عن نقش الحنه وااي شخبارييييييييي لوووول

    ايام قبل لما كنا صغار من ايي وقت العيد تلاقينا كلنا متسطرين عند امي نحط حنه ونسهر لي الصبح بس عشان نغسلها ونشوف شكلها ونشم ريحتها لوووووووووووووول

    امممممم بس صج مثل ما قلتوا هالايام هابين بالحنه واغلب البنات ينقشون صور صغار مثل صورة الفراشه واكثر شي ينقشونها على الزنود لووووول

    بعدين انا اللي اعرفه ان اغلب الشباب ما يحبون الحنه ؟؟ !!! غريبه انتوا تحبونها لووووول

    خوووش موضووع تسلموون…:)

  4. allah y3afikom “again” :p

    mdry bs a7s salfat en al7ena 7elo wella la2 ms2la nsbyah ,
    nas t7bah o0 bas la2
    its not like we dun like our culture or somethin , after all it’s a part of who we are ,
    it just some hate to put it on their skins “includin me :p”

    look at the comments
    apparently lutta gurlz seem to luv henna 😀
    so it didnt disappeared yet 🙂

    thank you guyz (F)(F)

  5. Q8ya:
    wala glad that you still use 7ina which is a good thing
    and yeah the color is different than the dyes you ladies use and it is natural as well … so 3asforain ib 7ajar wa7id
    and LOL 3ala il 6abooor 7aq il 7ina and it sounds wanasa … shakli ana al7in baroo7 a7i6 7ina lol
    the reason why we love 7ina because we believe it is a unique thing and it is part of us as a culture … it is nice, stylish, and attractive 😉
    thanks for your comment

    yeah you are right … people think it is old but it is not supposed to old!!!
    and jewels cost much more!!!

    yeah man totally agree … specially the pic approves what we are saying 😉

    thanks for coming back again
    and i guess you are right because different people, different tastes
    but as you mentioned may be you don’t like it but others do … we were talking about how it is less popular than before and why people stopped using it as much!
    and take yourself as an example, you don’t like having it on your skin because it bothers you and you now have other options to consider for cosmetics but back in the old days it was only 7ina oo deram, may be thats why it is popular!!

    thanks again for your comment and wish you all the best

  6. haaaay 3leekom ,, a3teqed enna el 7enna ta`3ry el rajol akthar kha99a f enas y7e6oonha fe amken 7ssasaaaaa fel jesm o thaanx

  7. i have an actual 7enna tree at my place, when my granda allah yr7am7a was alive we used to pick the leaves for her n she would use it mostly for her hair
    but nowadays aint much pickin goin on
    i love 7enna, its smell its texture
    and a big fan on henna tatoos

    loved the episode guys
    keep up the goodwork

  8. eshda3wa:
    allah yir7am yaditij inshallah, and WOW 3ala 7ina tree … and it is very nice to pick up the leaves and use them at the spot … i am pretty sue the smell and color is much stronger than the stuff you buy off the supermarket
    glad you liked il episode and don’t forget to mention us to your friends

    no, you were not out the subject wala shy
    the most important thing that you enjoyed the episode
    thanks again

  9. Actually I still think hella is pretty cool!! But not overdoing it is the key to keeping it in style for today’s girls. Less is sometimes more. 🙂

  10. Kill me, but dot let me smell Henna.
    I agree it is حلوة وشكلها على الإيد فنتاستك
    But وما أدراك ما But….. عليها ريحة تسبب إنسداد الاوعية والشرايين

  11. Nonowa:
    I totally agree that Hella is a pretty cool thing!!!
    Just Kidding
    and yeah henna in style is also requested which would encourage younger girls to adopt it to their new styles and fashion

    hehehehe … as a look … henna is great but it has a smell … i agree but man i gave up my senses for this sexy fashion 😉

  12. We have hundreds getting henna designs everywhere on their bodies! It’s sad if it’s disappearing there! I do hope it will make a come back as you say!

  13. Hi 4 all
    I’m new here guys so that’s why I chose this Topic ((Cuz TaZa yedeed))… Mmmm Frankly I agree with Bo7sain ((S**y)) .. Always seduced by 7enna. More over, it’s a traditional art… just like western body art these days but ours with out colours…. only ad3am madri black.. so we shouldn’t relinquish 7enna.


  14. Life Drama: welcome aboard, lots of girls didn’t that Henna has that effects on guys, who knows, maybe we started a trend.

    Please check out the older Episodes, i hope you enjoy them as you did this one.

  15. ummm…i like henna, whenever i see my emarati friends having it done, i really wanna do it bas madrii, never took the time to actually go and do it. Mashalla 3alaihom, they have it done like always..!!

    I think i have another theory why kuwaiti girls don’t put as much henna as other girls in the Gulf. It’s because in other Gulf countries most of the girls were 3abaya’s, so when they put henna on their hands and wear 3abaya’s it looks really attractive cause her hands are the only place that are actually visible, and decorated too. Bas in Kuwait girls wear t-shirts, shirts, blouses, whatever, anyways so when a girl wears a t-shirt and has henna on her hands it doesnt look as nice as the girl wearing the 3abaya with the henna on her hands. Well thats one of my theories, i duno if anyone else agrees.

    I remember the first and the last time i had henna.. i was 7, it was 3eed il wa6ani, and my mom forced me to do it cause we had a national day play at school and i was one of those stupid girls in the kash-kash Kuwaiti dress, anyways all i remember was that i couldn’t stop laughing cause it felt weird and it tickles when the lady was putting it on my hand, i keep laughing and moving, the end it was a horrible mess, my mom got reeeeeeeeeeeally mad, and that was the last time i put henna! haha!! :p

    But seriously, never thought guys thought it was sexy…..hmmmmm innnnnnter-esting..


    Good job you guys, w y36eekom alf 3afya 3ala hal episode. =)

  16. well seeing your friends must be an encouragement for you to do it and we now encourage you as well 😉
    and the 3abaya theory … i must dis agree with you, take the picture we have in our post as an example, i think they look SEXY hehehehe and if girls in kuwait do it, man i would go crazy … this is me, Ali, speaking not Musaed hehehehe
    and as you mentioned girls now only do it during occasions and i can imagine you not staying still while doing the henna heeheheh … as a kid it is a normal thing hehehe
    finally probably you can tell that we love henna 😉
    thanks for your comment and loved hearing from you again
    don’t forget telling your friends

  17. Then you guys should come over to Bahrain during eid, most girls have henna on their hands!!

    my god why has it been forgotton in kuwait!! 3awaratw galby!!

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