and we are BACK!

Ladies and Gents, Deera Chat would like to thank you for your support during the past month and a half where we were going under heavy maintenance for the site and hard emotional time because of Maused’s loss. but we overcome the struggle and we are now back in Action. this week’s podcast is about the past events that happened at the early phases of the elections where we saw kids and elders attacking the police without fear. listen to our show this week and let us know what you think.

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  1. Welcome back guys ….
    because I am Saudi , It is non of my business and ==> I have no comment except wishing you a good luck and bright future :).
    BUT here we are really suffering from rules violation. I hold the responsibility to the government representatives and employees coz they used to approve “Was6ah” and bypass violations .

  2. hey guys!

    its great to have you back!

    your a very big part of my Friday routine u know!

    as for todays subject ..

    You touched on the subject of wasta, and that is such a major part of corruption on every level not just the law.

    My friend gets out of tickets, running lights and everything in between just by her last name. Her dad is a big shot at the ministry of interior

    i keep telling her because of her fathers position they should have EXTRA respect for the law, but in kuwait you get the opposite of that.

    That being said, im so happy to see the boys taking action against the far3iyat, theres a first for everything and that is a step. Sure its late and yeah its small, but its a step none the less oo inshallah ra7 etred haibat elqanoon belkuwait!

  3. It’s my first time listening to the podcast. I’m digging it and glad to find an excellent arabic podcast to listen to, especially from my own country.

    Great job guys. I have one question though, is there a way to subscribe to the cast through iTunes? (sorry if I missed the link)

  4. Welcome back guys! Hell you got a good point!
    Don’t forget something else, some police officers.. etc
    tend to act really really in a unmannered way with a person even though he is representing the Kuwaiti government he still has no respect for his government nor its people!
    thats why I started to hate the police! I had my bad share of events with them 🙂

  5. Guys welcome back and it’s so nice indeed to hear your voices from far far away. Great job as always and I just have one thing to say about your topic… or you know what I will keep it to myself!!!!! Cheers and god bless Kuwait

  6. Hi Deera-Chat Team,

    Thanks for the invitation to visit your excellent podcast channel, Deera-Chat. Congratulations and welcome back 🙂

    I’d like to thank you for your time and great effort for providing such an interesting, informative, and educational resource.

    I think that Deera-Chat can be utilized for Kuwaiti-Arabic learners and instructors. Learners can listen in and then write a short summary to test their listening comprehension skills. They can also respond to any of your podcasts, using voice or text chat facilities. I’ll give it a try with a learner who has contacted me recently asking for ways to improve her Kuwaiti-Arabic!

    Thanks, again folks, and way to go!

    PS I’ve just posted an update about Deera-Chat (DC) to my Twitter page, added DC to my iTune podcasts, and will soon add a link to DC on my blog.

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