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  1. :: I went to Fudz last night and it was yummy :))

    So you have JR and Burger hub

    and i agree that HOME MADE BURGER IS THE BEST

    now i will put it on my own list :

    3-Burger Hub

    Enjoy them ALL 🙂

  2. Frankom
    home made burger = ‘7azan, amricana
    i never tried it … for some reason i feel to lazy to stop there and get something to eat … but i guess i should try it!!

    yeah i passed by it now and yeah it is GOOD!

    بو مريوم
    malik il 3aseer sells burger … i guess thats kinda confusing!!!
    and i didn’t know Sambosa has a weekly review, i guess i should check it out
    and man don’t come near the flafel topic, you’ll create a massacre!!!

    YOU GOT THE RIGHT ANSWER …. thats one point for me

    Burger King is Burger King … we are talking about fast food here but we are looking for the BEST CLASSIC burger in Kuwait

    thats 2 POINTS …. MAN I WIN

  3. :: Okay, lets go back to JR then , try Sant Louis Burger i order it with bacon on the side i dont like bacon while eating my burger so if dont like bacon just order it without bacon (beef) bacon ofcours 🙂

    On the other side, Plain & Simple from Fuds is the best burger they can offer for u 🙂

    again , enjoy it 🙂 o bel 3afya :>

  4. man it seems like we have REAL Burger eaters here … i think we should start a Deera Chat Burger … how about that

    man there is nothing better than the original
    and for some reason i was always having it without trying other sandwiches … i guess i should try your recommendations

    well thats 2 for Musaed here … i think we should wait for more comments to settle this argument

  5. I cannot decide on one since I cannot remember the taste exactly. But I do remember that I like JR, Burger Boutique, and Friday’s. However, we have a place right here in Denver called Fat Burger. And it servers the best burgers I have ever taste.

  6. I cannot decide on one since I cannot remember the taste exactly. But I do remember that I like JR, Burger Boutique, and Friday’s. However, we have a place right here in Denver called Fat Burger. And it servers the best burgers I have ever taste.

  7. Gourmet Burgers that I’ve tried in Kuwait:
    1) Johnny Rockets
    2) Burger Boutique
    3) Burger Hub
    4) Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Marina

    Out of the 4 that I’ve tried, I liked Burger Boutique the most. Reason being that their beef was juicer, tastier and better quality than the rest. I didn’t like Burger Hub at all!! The beef quality wasn’t that good 🙁

    Yet, I second Angelo’s opinion!! In LA the best place is Fat Burger and In & Out Burgers!! YUM! 🙂

    (My apologize if my opinion offends any of the readers)

  8. My favoriates are 1 The burger hub,2 Jhonny rockets, Every time I go to B+F Burger Boutique I cant move and feel like I ate a whole cow…its too havey and oily to me;and fuds I like there deserts.

  9. outlaw:
    4 Musaed to 2 Ali

    Chic Bonita:
    you could’ve said Burger Hub to get one point … but if i was back in states i would go and try the five guys place you are talking about … but too bad i am here now

    OKAY FINE 5 for Musaed to 2 Ali
    and man yeah are sooo right about fat burgers
    they are GOOOOOD

    6 for Musaed to 2 Ali
    man i think i am losing it !!! 🙁

    7 for Musaed to 2 Ali
    man man man in and out burgers ALSO rock!! hahahaha … i guess i tried more burger back there than in Kuwait !
    and yeah burger boutique is GOOD

    lol … alright you are being fair here hehehehe

    hahahaha. … 8 for Musaed to 2 Ali

    hahahahahaha … you could’ve said burger hub … i know Musaed would harass me forever now hahahaha (KIDDING)

    i will stick to my opinion and i would ALWAYS GO TO BURGER HUB

    unless u bribe me with two CLASSIC BURGERS lol

  10. I never forgot my first and only experience in Johnny Rocket. I know they say they have the best burger, but I wasn’t so hungry and I looked at the menu for some good low meal. I saw cheese sandwich almost same price as the hamburger, so I ordered it. 1.250 KD for Two toast pieces with chicken slice in the middle, grilled a bit and cut into two pieces. Not a single additional straw. I looked like a total idiot. The whole mean didn’t cost them 100 fils. At least do some decoration to explain the price!

    So I will bet the other place, even though I never tried it

  11. Bedoor
    alright thats now 9 for Musaed and 2 for me

    finally you are my savior … you are my hero
    finally i am moving to 3 here
    9 to 3

    well … may be you can blame on not being hungry … but i have to agree the whole sandwich doesn’t cost them much!!
    now it is 9 to 4

    10 to 4 …
    we should do a field trip to both and try all the options you just recommended

    Faisal Husain
    must agree … hehehehe
    they have the best of everything 😉

  12. Msa3ed I have to agree with you Johnny Rockets are the deal!!

    and ali i’m sorry I never tried Burger Hub but I promise you I will the next time I visit kuwait and i’ll tell u what I think 🙂

    personally Fudd’s have the best burgers EVERR!!! ugh yummmmyy, you guys should try the swiss melts, or thr original cheese burgers!!

    :'( ya3ni lazim itshahoony, il7een shee6ali3ny aroo7 a5ith burgers hal 7aza!

    😛 Keep up the great work guys!

    and don’t stop eating 😉

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