Can we show our love in public in Kuwait??

there are lots of question marks on people showing their affection to their loved ones in public where people all over get involved in a person’s matters by looking, intruding, or even violently expressing their disapproval for whatever reason!! so listen up for our V. day special and see if you agree or disagree on the above mentioned subject.

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4 Replies to “Can we show our love in public in Kuwait??”

  1. Aliiiiiiiii..
    tabi warda .. aseerlek warda ya ba3ad chabdy enta..
    bas 7abbet asallem 3aleek o aqollekom kel 3aam o ento eb5eer ..
    yalla take care o ensshalla allah ma ya7remna men hal soot el 7elo o nesme3ek doom o enta et’3arred 😉

  2. ما أصدق ان طوفتوا اسبوع واحد بس.

    الرجل يخاف على هيبته عندنا لان همه الاول والاخير المجتمع والعائلة الكبيرة التي تضم العمام والخوال وأبناء العم… الخ! أما الرجل الغربي فهمه الأول والأخير عائلته الصغيرة المتكونة من الزوجة والأبناء.
    لو أن عائلة الرجل الشرقي تحظى بنفس الأهمية لعبر عن مشاعره بوضوح نحو زوجته.


    وعذرا على التعليق العربي لاني لاحظت أن الجميع يكتب بالانجليزية. اذا كانت هذه قاعدة هنا أطلب منكم السموحة


  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Lovely ppl :))
    el bedayaaa wayed 7ilwaaa … :))

    Ali .. Baby Cheeks ? .. WAKE UP MAN ! 😛 INSA 😛 hehehe ..

    first of all , religion .. yes its religion also .. but what kind of affection ?
    for sure its so nice to like be nice and respect the woman with you .. with LIMITS in public .. but .. holding hands .. talking calmly .. its kinda cute but the important thing is they show they’re affection and love for each other in their home for each other .. malada3e jedam el nass ..
    ( Nag9en e7na bel kuwait bas nag9en showing love in public 3ashan takmel ! )
    but oh well … they say Love is in the Air … yeah right !

    kel shay be7dod is nice .. i’d rather like ppl .. to show respect ..for each other .. being polite .. making sure your partner is having a great time with you .. and adoring what you’re making her/him .. that is just so sweet ..

    showing love in a respected way .. and ppl will respect you for that ..
    other than that ..

    Mesaed the Orange feeding Story is Cute … *Sigh* ;Pp

    Alii * el wad albo ebyoGa3oo .. 3ayez 7adii edalaa3oo * ;PpP

    Group Hug for Ali Ppl 😀

    Take care always ..
    Love each other ..

    hear You next week 🙂

  4. Torkoooma
    a7laaa 7ooob fi 3eeed il 7ooob, hope your doing fine in Germany wala miss it dude …. and what i miss most is YOU!

    Bo Slooooo7
    thanks for your kind comment, we have to stop at caring of what other people think of us!! it is at the end all about u and ur family and i think it is a personal thing which other people have to have no say in.

    wala u gotta see the baby cheeks first awal to believe me … coz i do have those and i use them to get girls lol
    so u think showing love in a respectable way is good enough … we i, Ali, think it should more … i WITHOUT limits … let the people enjoy their lives in and outside their homes!!! why not … okay KIDDING, Musaed is going to kill me now
    well yeah ur right


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