Car Gender

what makes a Volkswagen beetle a guys’ car here in Kuwait even thought women mostly drives it all over the world!!? girly car
is there a criteria? is there a reason for this classification?
that’s what we promised you to talk about this week. You told us what you thought by email before listening, so now tell us what you think after listening to the show.

P.S.: we posted the emails sent as comments.

have fun

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  1. As for cars I believe that when thinking of owning a car you should see what do you need it for, can you afford it “not just the price! think of the after sale service & maintenance cost also the market re-sell value and weather those things matter to you or not”. So when you want to buy a car in my opinion you should buy something that you would utilize in other words اتحلل فليساتك و تستخدمه صح

    As for the issue of cars being femal’ish or male’ish I do not think that there is such a thing, however I do relate people looks to the cars shape! which is just a thought and not an opinion of weather that person should or should not own this car because they don’t fit ;p

    The issue with our community is that they think that there is a gender based categorization of cars to be driven! since ” I think” men started the driving over here so all of the cars were restricted to them, when women came to the driving world they were restricted to quiet cars meaning not a sporty car nor an SUV (a 4×4 in particular),,, but now with time women drive any kind of car! judgment is less harsh but still it exists especially with sport cars although personally I think a car has no gender why should we categorize it?

  2. loooooooooooooooooool aham shay eee talk 3ala el6awlah loool ;PpP

    بعد شنسوي لازم انتطمن على شكلنا على شعورنا لووووول اذا شكلنا مرتب والا لا نرتب مكياجنا هههههههه وصج صج نقعد نحششش نقرض قرض مو طبيعي هههههه


    قبل طبعا كان ماكو فرق لان قليل من البنات اللي كانوا يسوقون اما الحين تغير هالشيء البنت صارت لازم تسوق سيارة …

    والظاهر اكثر الحين الجيبات قبل بس كانت للشباب وقليل من البنات اللي يسوقون جيبات بس الحين صار العكس مو اي جيب يلوق للشاب ومو اي جيب لايق للبنت ومثل ما قلتوا جيب طوارق لان انتشر اكثر بين البنات وكنا نشوف بنات وايد يسوقونه وقليل من الشباب فقلنا ان لايق على البنت اكثر ونفس الشي حق جيب اللكزس…

    بس صج في سيارات ساعات من تشوفها تقول لا مو لايق للبنت حلاتها رياال يسوقها !!

    من الشكل العام للسياره يعني…:)

    يعطيكم العافيه….:)

  3. Well, I think that there is nothing called “woman’s car” or “man’s car”; all cars IN GENERAL are used for men and women. It just depends on how people accessorize and decorate their cars.
    Take this as examples for let’s say “MEN’S ART???!!!”, they put zillion egzooz and million 3addad 7g elterbo and so, or e3atmoon eljamat o t9eer 5irmiss mn da5il, oe even use different colors as polish o t9eerlik chinha chees grgee3an yamshy belshar3. For “WOMEN’S ART”, they put stickers at the back of their cars or some stuff as bears and cushions (7asha ‘3orfa mo sayara!!).
    That simply makes a car appears more feminine or masculine. BUTT BUTTT BUTTTT, there are some cars that are suitable for men than women; mithil “elwanaitat, eljmsat el’5’6r, o elhamurat (aw elhmoor.. Madry shino jam3ha)” although girls are driving Hamurs now, la o em3attam b3d; shakilhom killish ‘3alat.
    P.S I’m not offending those girls who have humurs; it’s just an opinion.

    And if I ever wanted to buy a new car, I will agalibha ebmo55y o ashoof etha ti9la7ly o elsayara ka ontha lama I drive it, willa chinny 9abyak feeha ;pPp

    Solo ^_^

  4. I didn’t believe in catagorizing cars for boyz & galz.. up untill I got hit on by guys here in the states!! guess a VW beetele is for girls around here. guys……… do not buy a Bug in the states not matter how cool you may look in it.

  5. – Q80-chill girl : that was an email so thanks for writing to us

    – Q8ya: hehehehee … so we were right after all hehehe
    i think we, GUYS, have to gather up and decide on the cars we want to make guys cars for 2007.

    – Solo: thanks for your email.

    – 7asoon: welcome on board …

    – Papillona: we meant it in a good way …. hehehehe …

  6. loool .. laish mestaqreben ena el banat ero7on as a group ?! … bel 3aks etha wa7da bas gamat alone men el 6awlaa and she went alone .. kel ele bel 6awla eshekon laish magalatlohom ta3alaw weyay looooooool 😛 ..

    for me i hate going alone or im shy ena amshy kel el masafa to the ladies room all by myself :/ sooo its fine with me ena agol 7ag a7ad come with me .. so we can like .. talk o fix makeup .. ask for like how would i look .. chethee .. 3ady y3ne .. 😛

    and whats with

    “Girls are less skilled to drive the good cars?” ;@ ..

    you spoiled it all … za3lt .

  7. lol i was thinking ams laish we go to the “Ladies Room” in groups.. b3dain ekteshaft shay ,, a7es etha e7na banat o fe wa7da menna betroo7 tgool mno eye ma3ay ? cuz we don’t like going alone, then i imagined myself ga3da bain banat o faj2a agoom bro7y! i felt it was rude! donn’t u agree girls? takhayalaw wa7da faj2a tgoom bro7ha, chenha za3lana or met-thayga men el mawjodeen. so we go in groups for alot of reasons menhom we support each other 😛

    about the cars, u said it all, el cars el na3meen wel “curvy” 3ala golatkom welkashkha 7agna 😉 wel muscles weldefasha oo el swalef el engines o madry shno 7ag el guys:P

  8. – Bedoor: Thanks for the comment, for our simple guy’s minds it is considered, WEIRD! hehehe, interesting point about the table to bathroom distance … amazing … i didn’t know it is a long way!!
    heheheh about the less skilled comment … i actually meant it in a good way that girls are more skilled to handle the cars we have … so don’t be upset 😉

    – Dawn Fairy: thanks for your comment, the right question is why don’t guys need the support to go to the bathroom ?!?!?!?!
    yabila nyeeeb il nissan Z oo niga7is oo bil ga7sa naktib DEERA CHAT hehehehe

  9. yeah as Dawn Fairy said , o yes y3ne its a distance you know .. fa sa3at like when one girl tabe etro7 el ladies room .. she says like : im going ay a7ad eyee ? and akeeeeeeeeed fe wa7da men hal banat tabe el ladies room .. so its normal for us girls .. madre i never went alone madre laish .. your topic just made me think of that ! :S .. o yes with high heals its a long way !!! :PpP

    and about the LESS SKILLED comment ..
    you actually meant that girls are MORE SKILLED … seriously ! .. me know english me this 😛

  10. OMG!
    I’ve never thought that men cares about it. WHAT A CURIOSITY OF YOU!!! LOOOL.
    Tara e7na awadim, o el2adimy ye7tag ena yeroo7 there willah te9eer KARITHA BIL3ALAM*Solo died laughing*

    It’s just because we (women) en7is ebjow mn elolfa lama nroo7 biljomlah ;pPp shinsawy b3ad. nas tro7 to do their business, others refresh their make up. o shay ‘6aroory ako 7ISSSSHHHHING there 5o ma ti6la3 elsewalif ella hnak looooool.

  11. – Bedoor: umm so it is all about distance … can we say that the longer the distance between the dinner table and the ladies room, the more ladies go?!!?!?!
    and yeah i really meant it in a good way —–> BIG FAT LIAR hahaha

    – Solo: we men do think about it but we are afraid of expressing our endless wondering thoughts about ladies’ actions. Podcasting gave us the freedom to express our minds. it is a new era …. for the men way of thinking lool

  12. Hii .. no no y3ne its the same group …i guess .. y3ne like half ero7on and come back .. y3ne its normal 7adi ma3rf ashere7..

    bas no its not about that more distance = more group .. no .. its normal y3ne like 5 sitting 3al 6awla .. wa7da menhom btro7 el ladies room .. etgol 7ag ele yamha .. and its like 2-3 menhom ero7on … or maybe sometimes all of them goo to the ladies room 3ashan khala9 they’re going out min el ma63am so kelhom ehedon el 6awla …;D ..

    ye3t ;”/ …

    and … yes you ment in a good ….hmmmmm
    wedy wedy a9adeg bes qaweya qaweeya !


  13. dont think about it .. madre ana ashof-ha wayed 3ady .. 7ata law sheft men ray7en el ladies room .. HHAHAHA .. no no i mean rey7en el men’s room .. y3ne 3ady mo elee WOW wela OFFF shay qareb .. cuz sometimes its like .. y3ne wa7ed egol 3an ethenkom .. etlage ethanee egolaa weyaack or shway o yay warak .. y3ne chthee 3ady ..

    for girls 3ady .. y3ne mafakart feha ela lama sema3t el Q ehnee ..

    and everytime b6la3 bashof meno ero7 weya mino and why ? 😛 hehehe

  14. I asked this Q before LOL ,At Lorenzo there is only one tiny Lady’s Room and i see three or four girls go there at once ! my friend said yeah that is so normal coz we go there to talk about the atmosphere outside and sure we redo our makeup lol and this is not just in kuwait ,That what she said and i thing its true somehow 🙂

  15. – Bedoor: okay fine fine fine … i am going to stop wondering … hehehehe … but we have a couriers mind and we are going to ask weirder questions every now and then so be ready 😉

    – Cozy: talk about the weather outside …. YEAH RIGHT LOL
    the second part makes sense

  16. hahahhaa couldn’t agree even more regarding the girl comments you guys did!!

    just make sure you don’t say it infront of any girl in her face, obviousley jidamy ana I don’t mind 😛

    I guess its coz girls are used to doing everything together and MUST have an opinion on how they look 😉

    Carsssssss, the beetle was considered a females car back here in bahrain!! I guess it doesn’t make a difference afterall, it reflects on the person driving the car themself which implies it..I mean you get it all the time if it was a nitfah guy driving a range rover then that wouldn’t suit him at all, dont you re’con?

  17. i didn’t read the comments so i may be repeating someone’s point:p

    girls go in groups for many reasons, depends on the girls really. some of them are: borrowing each other’s make-up for touch-ups, if you go in a pair you have someone to hold you bag(s) for you, some girls don’t like to walk to the restrooms ibroo7hum (i always drag someone with me because ma7ib amshee broo7y especially itha ilmukan za7ma!), the girl may not know the other people in the table so itha 2-3 gamaw itroo7 wiyahum, 7ash.

  18. Guwa.. madree itha itshofoon the new scrubs bas there was an episode feeha a group of many gay men o they all drove beetles , fa i think that answers the Q :p ee winshallah inshallah ill live to see the day where hummers are no longer existing :p

  19. salfat il ladies room ya jema3a awnass in group !:P for several reasons: 1- we go to 7ish about u guys in groups 2- we get to say shlon shakli?! 3- be3dain ya jema3a kaifna ;p n3oo7 in groups in pairs in trios ma nashabnakom intaw ib ur toilet habits ! be3dain ma a7eb my friend troo7 wana ag3ad chini habla bil 6awla broo7i.. or troo7 wet5aleeni ma3a the 3rd friend ou netwahag!?

    amaa about il sayarat..ako ashya2 obvious ou theres no rule to it.. its well known.. ya3ni mathalan min na7yat il colours.. bidoon neqaash a guy in a fushia car is ?! (a 3 letter word starts with G ;p) ou 9ij ako wayed stereotyping bil kuwait.. when i wanned to buy my car.. my mom galat ya 7abeebti ili tsoog jaib is lookin for attention im like wth?!!

    GIRLS LESS SKILLED?! excuse me?!!!! ;p

  20. BigBrain: we actually are posting a new episode every week on Thursdays, but thanks for loving to hear more of us 🙂

    Elane.ess: ok interesting angle but not in all cases, and I agree, way to much Hammers out the there.

    omtanto7: cant read Arabic in English, but sounds that you wanna keep the answer a mystery, do u agree with ur mom?

  21. Thank youuuuuuuu so much for ur nice shout out ooo u guys deserve the encouragement I do enjoy ur Podcast, as for the girls in the restroom thing, I never went for the reason u mentioned? usually the conversations are open o etha ako something private we sms each other ;p

    But refreshing the makeup is my rarest reason because I usually not put a lot on! so I guess not all girls gossip ;p

  22. you didn’t miss anything … we just had some technical problems this morning … thats why we didn’t post … the episode for this week is up and running … i just checked it … please let me know if you face any problems.


  23. Manual transmition is essential in race tracks, it makes a big difference believe me.. when you get to an advanced level in track racing, and start using skills like toe and heal, where you apply your right leg’s heel on the accelerator, and apply the same leg’s toes on the break to enter a corner and use the car’s power to the maximum, and make sure that while breaking you don’t down shift, cos if you do that with an automatic tramnsmition, it won’t work, cos the gear will down shift automatically when applying the toes on the break while your heel is on the accelerator.. Ali, you need to learn to drive the manual gear bro, or you will miss so much fun if you get the chance to hit the tracks in Bahrain, Dubai or Qatar.. 😉

    As for your everyday drive, you might find it easier to drive and automatic..

    Classifications, depends on many variables I guess, for instance, Porsche Turbo was a man’s car until they came out with the tiptronic version, then the ladies started driving it, muscle cars in Kuwait are a guy’s car, where this changed in the states nowadays.. I think there is nothing sexier than a woman driving a muscle car.. a woman driving a silver A.C. Cobra with black speed lines.. believe me guys I am drooling over here..

  24. – The Don: Dude thats a nice and detailed comment. as for the manual transmission … i don’t think i’ll learn it … i believe that i will hire a driver sooner or later because i really HATE driving
    and yeah you are sooo right about women driving muscle cars … you got me drooling as well

    – Q8ya: there is shy yeded !!! the sports in Kuwait episode!?!?

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