How many times you were late for a valid reason and HR didn’t believe you. How many times you had to leave early for a valid reason and it was rejected for no reason. How many times you were supposed to get a promotion but the HR rule is not to give more than 2 in the department and you were not one of them. How many time, how many times, how many times, it is endless and it SUCK. listen to our show this week and let know what you think.

Does the World Bank recommend doing business in Kuwait?

before you start a new business in Kuwait you have to take a look at the World Bank’s doing business report on Kuwait (thats if you don’t have was6a of course). the site has a cool Google maps embedded in the site showing you the whole world and a snapshot of each country with a summary of where they stand in the global economy. The report states that there is 0 hiring difficulty in the country! we also we back 15 points in trading across borders compared to 2006(i think it is because development in Iraq was slowed down because of the inner problems). Anyway the report is really nice to look at to have a better understanding how the World Bank sees our economy.

Also other options can be see on the map and their report; Enterprise Survey, financial indicators, Privatization, and Private Infrastructure


1- Doing Business in Kuwait

2- Economy Characteristics Comparison

3- Doing business map

Information is POWER

were you ever looking for information about your country and you couldn’t find it?? were you ever researching for basic information about a special topic in your country but you couldn’t find it?? well it happened to Ali & Musaed soooo many times that we felt we needed to talk about it for this week. We discussed how important information and information accessibility and why we need it more than ever here in Kuwait

listen to our show this week and let us know what you think


Customer Service In Kuwait

Marketing a product is good enough to make a customer buy stuff, but to keep him happy, you need to have customer service. Customer service plays a big part in our lives today but this sector is still evolving in Kuwait and not applied properly yet. So listen to our show this week to find out more

customer service kuwait