1 or 5 lanes, which one is faster?

https://allthat.me/39312-ayur-slim-price.html respond Dont you hate it when you pick the slowest line in the bank or Co Op. You see other people lined up after you and there almost done whilen you continue to wait, which beg the question: shoild we have one line to role them all? Join us in this week episode to here our take on the subject and please…wait ur turn 🙂

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Car Gender

what makes a Volkswagen beetle a guys’ car here in Kuwait even thought women mostly drives it all over the world!!? girly car
is there a criteria? is there a reason for this classification?
that’s what we promised you to talk about this week. You told us what you thought by email before listening, so now tell us what you think after listening to the show.

P.S.: we posted the emails sent as comments.

have fun

Next Week’s Episode

We all love cars. Big, small, SUV, Sport, but is there such a thing called “ladies car”? or “Men’s car”? what makes a car appear more feminine then the other? Would that impact you car selection? We would like to know what you think, email us (deera.chat@gmail.com) so we can read your take in our next episode.

Plus: we will ask a question which is on every guy’s mind, and it is concerning YOU ladies! so stay tuned.
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