لجنه الظواهر السلبية، ليش سلبي يبه؟؟

buy modafinil online from india كل كلامهم سلبي اب سلبي، شدعوة يبه الدنيا مو خرابه لهذي الدرجة، يعني لمن الواحد يشوفكم يضيق خلقه و تنسد الدنيا بويهه فما بالك بالك بالتشريعات اللي قاعدين يسونها!!!!

المهم سمعوا كلامنا هل الاسبوع و قولوا لنا شرايكم


How many times you were late for a valid reason and HR didn’t believe you. How many times you had to leave early for a valid reason and it was rejected for no reason. How many times you were supposed to get a promotion but the HR rule is not to give more than 2 in the department and you were not one of them. How many time, how many times, how many times, it is endless and it SUCK. listen to our show this week and let know what you think.

Comics aint only for kids!

many people around especially around this region think of kids when it comes to comics. on the other hand, you see lots of adults in other cultures keep reading comic books even if they reach older years. how would you think of comics and would you read them?? well listen to our show this week where we explain the main comics available out there and their differences and how they would relate to you as a person.

Kuwaiti Women and the Westren world

men in kuwait are in a pickle … we don’t know if settling down with a girlfriend is acceptable or marrying more than one wife is also acceptable. cultural have been changing fast that things that we approved culturally are not any more and vise versa. listen to our episode this week and let us know what you think.

Testing Before Marriage

This issue always comes up whenever you decide to propose or a family proposal comes to you. You either go test and see if your loved one’s genes matches yours or not, and then proceed to the next step, otherwise you’ll have to be lovers for the rest of your live or find yourself another love. so, are you pro testing before marriage or just leave it to God’s will and hope for the best! listen to us for this week and let us know what you think.

Can we show our love in public in Kuwait??

there are lots of question marks on people showing their affection to their loved ones in public where people all over get involved in a person’s matters by looking, intruding, or even violently expressing their disapproval for whatever reason!! so listen up for our V. day special and see if you agree or disagree on the above mentioned subject.

P.S. the intro L.O.V.E song can be downloaded by going to our Extras page

Government Media Parental Control

we mentioned before that the government has implemented new regulation regarding all kinds media coming into the country by having customs and the ministry of information going through them and confiscate what violates our religion, culture, and politics. we have put many question marks over the previous statement which we discussed in our show this week, so listen up and let us know what you think

I am Kuwaiti but me no Arabic

we have talked about injecting English phrases in our conversations in the Kuwaitish episode, this week we will be talking about just talking English 24/7 and forgetting about Arabic. People are teaching their kids English when they r babes till they grow up in and outside the house which is making them forget totally about their mother language. Is that good or bad? do we need Arabic now or everything is converting to English anyways so why bother? listen us to our show this week to find out the answers

what’s up with wearing shades indoors!

it is common here in Kuwait that people wear shades indoors and also during time as well!! Why, Deera Chat guys asked …. and answered in the show … keeping our post light for the lighter yet cool topic this week

The Old New Ladies of Kuwait

Men always complain that woman back in the old days were cooking better food and take better care of thier husbands. Woman back then had more time to stay home and teach themselves how to do lots of different things within the house parameters. things have changed now and woman found themselves new things to occupy their lives with which, in alot of the cases, is as important as family. so we talked about this topic this week and we also would like to hear of your thoughts if you have any