What makes a gift??

how do you define a gift? and when do you give a gift out? and are the types of gifts?? there are so many questions you ask yourself when it comes to gift الخال مساعد this week takes the gifts concept and analzye it for us in a very easy way … so listen to us and let us know what you think

deera chat mixtape gift

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f2o designs


TGI Friday is IN

The big shots decided to move the weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday. So how will we feel as Friday and Saturday weekend people!! will we do more shopping?? will we do more family visiting?? how will it change our behaviors??

Listen to us this week and share your thoughts with us

Wedding vs. a Piece of Mindً

Wedding Dress : ~5,000 K.D.
Dinner : ~5,000 K.D.
Invitations: ~1000 K.D.
Kosha: there is no limit
we only mentioned three small parts of the wedding preparation process. People spend a lot of time, money, and effort in making this event happening to the “people’s” expectations. why we didn’t think of spending the same money or effort on making something the couples would benefit from in the long run? we in this week’s episode discuss the alternatives for this event, so enjoy and have fun and let us know what you think.

Why don’t we read?!?!

we all talk about how reading is good for the person’s knowledge, personality, and and and and … but you rarely see people reading?? is it because we too good to read? is it because we know everything?? or is it because we just too lazy to read?

kuwait reading bookworm

Listen to our show this week to learn about Deera Chat’s perspective in this matter

Why we hate living in Apartments?

you live in an apartment?? eeeewww

thats the kind of the face expression you get when people know you live in an apartment

there so many factors that play in this rejection, Listen to us and you’ll find out why 😉

Al Henna why did it disappear?

Did it become too old for our cool girls?? or is it just a phase where it will come back again to dominate the cosmetics market?
and the main question is, as guys what do we think when we see girls on Hina, lol… i mean Hina on girls

The Arabian Horse

Statement of respect from the Arabian horse

I am your equal. I am a wild creature that can never be like you. I have heart, courage, and the game spirit that is my heritage, and I will be respected. I will be taught, and I will please, and maybe in time I will be your intimate. But I will never be your possession. Mine is a fierce love, which knows no mercy for failure, no sympathy for weakness. I have come from the desert with its closeness to the spirit of nature which you do not understand. I was born of the wind. Mine is a warrior spirit. I cannot be humiliated in punishment or defeated even in death. For my spirit lives on in my children’s children.


Happy Valentine’s from Deera, Dinar, and NOW MOVIE Chat

Happy Valentine’s everyone, one day late of course. we prepared a special episode for this occasion and we would like to ask everybody this one single question;
Is Valentine’s a Blessing or a Curse?
listen to the episode and you’ll know what we mean by a blessing or a curse and let us know what you think.

I love Deera Chat

Deera Chat is proud to introduce its second specializing outing with Movie Chat, a show focuses on the Movie industry, we will not just talk about movies and box office hits but we will dive deeper then that! Get ready for comparison, best of, top 10… and much more. The show is presented by Musaed & Fahad and look for it every Wednesday, and the popcorn on you 🙂

I have a dream!

A young Egyptian kid once told his father

why don’t we be like this kid?!
and if we decide on something we become something else in the future!!
Who do we have to blame?
ourselves? the system? our parents?
and how to fix it?
listen to this week’s episode to find out