Dinar Chat: Piracy in Kuwait

Would you pay 7 K.D. for a movie or just 1 for the pirated version? of course you’d go for the 1 K.D.!!! but once you take your one K.D. out and pay it, there are many issues that will impact you as a consumer, the economy, and the company who made the C.D. Listen to this episode to learn more about these fact

P.S. many thanks to our friend Bashar Abdullah for suggesting the topic below are some articles you’ll find interesting about the same topic

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Dinar Chat: Ejarah

A basic introduction to one of the successful Islamic Banking principles was needed in our podcast. We talked about Ejarah and the basic financial theory behind it, listen to us this week to have the arms and legs to deal with Ejarah and see your dollars flying everywhere.

P.S. Sorry Dr. Bo Rashid for posting announcing the episode late!

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Dinar Chat: Investment Trusts

What is the Origin of an Investment Trust? (الصندوق الإستثماري) “hope that’s the right translation for it”
and how you’d be able to make money out of it?
and how it is implemented here in Kuwait and in the Gulf region?
for people “3ala qad 7alhom” like us … how we’d be able to make money of the investment trust with a small capital???
i guess the last question is the golden question…. so listen to us to find out

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Dinar Chat followup

we started Dinar Chat two weeks now and we would like to share the two episodes we did so far in our beloved Deera Chat;

1- Kuwait International Financial City
2- Kuwait Investment Options

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