Comics aint only for kids!

many people around especially around this region think of kids when it comes to comics. on the other hand, you see lots of adults in other cultures keep reading comic books even if they reach older years. how would you think of comics and would you read them?? well listen to our show this week where we explain the main comics available out there and their differences and how they would relate to you as a person.

Cinema Treasures

all you can see now in Kuwait is the new and “kind of” up to date movie in the big screens. What happened to the classic movies, do people care about the original pictures from the back then? do you think having one single screen dedicated for such purposes would enrich the overall cinema awareness? listen to our show this week and let us know what you think
P.S. if your outside of Kuwait and looking for a classic theater, you can refer to this site, Cinema Treasures

Going to the Movies God helps you!

Going to the movies supposed to be entertaining, not in here. Get ready for crying babies, annoying guys, late people, and best of all, ringing mobiles. but wait, there is more, but you have to listen to it in this week’s episode.