what’s up with wearing shades indoors!

it is common here in Kuwait that people wear shades indoors and also during time as well!! Why, Deera Chat guys asked …. and answered in the show … keeping our post light for the lighter yet cool topic this week

Shopping Decisions

Is your closet packed with stuff you don’t wear? do you buy stuff to touch your skin once? do you really need all the stuff you buy? man, there are many questions you have to ask yourself before buying clothes, and today we at Deera Chat analyzed the situation and we offered some solutions to this dilemma, so listen to us and see how true this case

P.S. Sorry for being late posting the episode for this week but listen to the show and you’ll notice the difference in the sound quality

P.S. you must have noticed the new banner in our website … and you will notice the new logo in our site … they both are the works of the GREAT BEDOOR. we again would like to thank her for her efforts toward Deera Chat! thanks Bedoor

Al Henna why did it disappear?

Did it become too old for our cool girls?? or is it just a phase where it will come back again to dominate the cosmetics market?
and the main question is, as guys what do we think when we see girls on Hina, lol… i mean Hina on girls