Why Sporting in Ramadan


People are always sport aware in Ramadan, all the sudden everyone is exercising, is it the weather? or is it just something to do to kill the time? we’ve done the usual research, so listen to this week’s show to know our take on the subject, enjoy 🙂

Patient’s Family vs. Doctor’s expectation

we come back to you with another episode on the relationship between doctors and patients. Usually families play the first defense line for their patients and man they are hard to deal with due to many reasons which Musaed will talk to you about this week. So plug in your headphones and listen to our show and then let us know what you think 😉

Doctor vs. Patient Expectations

Physical treatment is not the only way to treat patients, doctor attitude, colors, weather, and even the food the eat play a part in their treatment as well!

the same goes for doctors who have to have all the different skills to talk to the different patients which is very hard. So listen to this week’s episode to see Deera Chat’s perspective in this issue and you have to choice to agree or disagree.

doctor patient relationship

Why Smoking is GOOD for you!

We always hear and read, smoking kills and its bad for you, yet people still smoke. so we decided to talk about why smoking good for you! NOW before you get all upset, check out the show and you will know

2nd hand smoke

Health Insurance in Kuwait

Why a Kuwaiti has to wait inline in the governmental lines to get Healthcare? we are all 2 million people with 5 governmental hospitals? how can we fix it? is it a dream that we can go to the hospital and get treated right away?
wait line hospital
specially the weather here in Kuwait is so polluted with sickness!!!
anyhow listen to us this week and tell us what you think about the solution we laid out manlig-halsa.se.