Are you a Bird or a Snake?

many people are living their lives on what they believe is their destany regardless of money or any other factor, others do what is needed to do to keep them going financially and socially. both are successfull to an extent but the question is which one are you?? listen to our show and let us know what you think.

إسقاط القروض بنظرة الديرة شات

This week both Deera & Dinar Chat are talking about this loans issue which everyone is getting involved in or to be more accurate, everyone who got himself involved in. My 5 years old brother was asking me why the government doesn’t wave 10 KD for everyone so we become happy… well it is not easy … my little brother is one of every other Kuwaiti who wants a win win situation … lets hear what the Deera chat guys had to say about it and please share what your thoughts.

Health Insurance in Kuwait

Why a Kuwaiti has to wait inline in the governmental lines to get Healthcare? we are all 2 million people with 5 governmental hospitals? how can we fix it? is it a dream that we can go to the hospital and get treated right away?
wait line hospital
specially the weather here in Kuwait is so polluted with sickness!!!
anyhow listen to us this week and tell us what you think about the solution we laid out

Kuwait Postal Services

newman seinfeld
Imagine Kuwait with 1000 Newmans, the mail guy from Seinfeld, delivering packages and letters too all people like there is no tomorrow. How our lives would change due to this service? will it make it easier more fun? less traffic? want to find the answers listen to the podcast and then comment on what you think 😉
have fun