Do you vote for a wrinkle or wrinkle free candidates?

“Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fool” (George Chapman) because of the fact we are coming into a critical point in our future politics where new candidates might come into power to change things. so do you go for the old experienced candidates who know their ways in and out or just vote for the person who is close to the way you think and has the ability to blow the dust off the old guys?? listen to our show this week and let us know what you think

and we are BACK!

Ladies and Gents, Deera Chat would like to thank you for your support during the past month and a half where we were going under heavy maintenance for the site and hard emotional time because of Maused’s loss. but we overcome the struggle and we are now back in Action. this week’s podcast is about the past events that happened at the early phases of the elections where we saw kids and elders attacking the police without fear. listen to our show this week and let us know what you think.

our friend Ali has developed a new elections website titled; Vote for Kuwait, the site gathers all kinds of information about the elections in one place and in a simple way. Cool features such as Google Maps and Google Calendar are in there, so check it out at

Kuwait Internet Usage Report provides a stats summary on the number of internet users in different countries around the world including Kuwait. Internet users increased 444% between 2000-2007 and they are 816,700 users out of 2,730,603 people. what really missed in the “free” report was the activities used by the 8,16,700 users, we are interested in type of activity the common Kuwaiti user is into which you have to pay for.

to read more about it, please follow the below link

Millennium Hotel kuwait

“مركز صباح الأحمد المالي” will have a hotel component along its financial and office components. The hotel part will be managed by Millennium Hotels and will be classified as a 4 four star, similar to the next door Courtyard Hotel in Al Rayya. no further announcements have been made yet so far but news press about another Millennium property to be opened in Kuwait by 2008 and to be titled “The Al Jahrah Copthorne Hotel & Resort”. it is 30km to the north of Kuwait City, The four-star hotel – managed by Millennium Hotels and Resorts – will boast two large conference rooms of 200m2 and 400m2 and two smaller boardrooms kitted out with state-of-the-art technology.


Info: Kuwait Masterplan Timeline

We found a very interesting article that goes through the history of the Master planning phases of Kuwait City. Did you know that the first master plan for Kuwait City was in 1952 which laid down essential principles that are still being followed to our current day. The second version of the Kuwait Master Plan was stopped by the Iraqui occupation (as was the KUDAMS project), but in 1992 a wholly new Third Kuwait Master Plan (3KMP) was prepared. This plan was completed around 1997.

to read the whole article please follow the below link

Tips: Kuwait Top Level Domain Name

” Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR has been commissioned by the Ministry of Communications to undertake the responsibility of establishing, managing and operating Kuwait Top Level Domain Name System in early 1999. KISR has allocated state-of-art equipment and information systems and assigned a number of specialized technical personnel to ensure continuous, effective and uninterrupted services “

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license to walk

we have been acting like the walking police in malls, super markets, airports, etc. We came up with the following conclusion that we don’t know how to walk in public. In our show this week, we are giving tips and pointers here and there that would make our lives more organized when we walk in public so listen up and let us know what you think