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Kuwaiti Sports… What’s happening!

Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal… nope, its out. we know sports in kuwait are on a down beat, why are we falling behind? kuwait team soccer football old
why other countries are improving their teams and not us? what do we need to do to improve sports in kuwait? do you have ideas? we do, listen to this episode and check it out.

Car Gender

what makes a Volkswagen beetle a guys’ car here in Kuwait even thought women mostly drives it all over the world!!? girly car
is there a criteria? is there a reason for this classification?
that’s what we promised you to talk about this week. You told us what you thought by email before listening, so now tell us what you think after listening to the show.

P.S.: we posted the emails sent as comments.

have fun

Next Week’s Episode

We all love cars. Big, small, SUV, Sport, but is there such a thing called “ladies car”? or “Men’s car”? what makes a car appear more feminine then the other? Would that impact you car selection? We would like to know what you think, email us (deera.chat@gmail.com) so we can read your take in our next episode.

Plus: we will ask a question which is on every guy’s mind, and it is concerning YOU ladies! so stay tuned.
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Why Why Why!!!

Every time you drive down the road people stare at you and give you
looks … some people don’t do anything about it and some take it the
wrong way!!! is it cultural? is it something we have to worry about?
Listen to this week’s show and let us know :/
Also why every time you wait and line someone tries to sneak in and
takeover your place??? do you think it is annoying or you do nothing
about it?? so listen to this week’s episode where we talked about
these two topics and let us know.

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Tomorrow’s Episode

Tomorrow we will talk about:
1- Why people STARE at you and take it the wrong way in Kuwait
2- Why people don’t respect lines here in Kuwait

Kuwait Postal Services

newman seinfeld
Imagine Kuwait with 1000 Newmans, the mail guy from Seinfeld, delivering packages and letters too all people like there is no tomorrow. How our lives would change due to this service? will it make it easier? more fun? less traffic? want to find the answers listen to the podcast and then comment on what you think 😉
have fun

Sushi Sushi Sushi

People in Kuwait are eating sushi like there is no Tomorrow!!! It might be good for your health but why now!! Makki, Sakura, sushi club, Golden Chop sticks, and may be more … the number of restaurant serving sushi is increasing and there must a reason behind it! Listen to our show and find out