I am Kuwaiti but me no Arabic

have a peek at this web-site we have talked about injecting English phrases in our conversations in the Kuwaitish episode, this week we will be talking about just talking English 24/7 and forgetting about Arabic. People are teaching their kids English when they r babes till they grow up in and outside the house which is making them forget totally about their mother language. Is that good or bad? do we need Arabic now or everything is converting to English anyways so why bother? listen us to our show this week to find out the answers

Kuwaitilish … the new form of communication

We hear it all the time, especially in Deera-Chat, the mixing and constant swinging between Arabic and English, why so? Why do we switch languages half way through the conversation. This happens every where, can we control it? Should we control it? Is it annoying? Is it offensive? So listen to this episode to find the answers to all the above questions and please comment if you liked or didn’t like what you hear 😉