Kuwait Metro

According to Al Qabas on the 10th of December, Kuwait Transport ion comity has just approved the plans for Kuwait City metro, below. who will be targeted for this metro? who will use it? are the stops and services shown are efficient? will it solve the congestion problems we currently have? is it going to be another bad investment without study? we touched on these questions this week and we hope the best will come as long as the proper work is being done to get things better in our beloved Kuwait.

Alqabas article:


what’s up with wearing shades indoors!

it is common here in Kuwait that people wear shades indoors and also during time as well!! Why, Deera Chat guys asked …. and answered in the show … keeping our post light for the lighter yet cool topic this week

Why Sporting in Ramadan


People are always sport aware in Ramadan, all the sudden everyone is exercising, is it the weather? or is it just something to do to kill the time? we’ve done the usual research, so listen to this week’s show to know our take on the subject, enjoy 🙂

Save Save Save

Kuwait’s National Energy Efficiency Project has been doing a great job showing people of Kuwait the carelessness of their power and water usage. The question here wasn’t this program supposed to start 10 or 5 years ago to avoid such power crisis? or we just wait til “الفاس يطيح بالراس” to do something? well listen to this show this week and let us know what you think

TGI Friday is IN

The big shots decided to move the weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday. So how will we feel as Friday and Saturday weekend people!! will we do more shopping?? will we do more family visiting?? how will it change our behaviors??

Listen to us this week and share your thoughts with us

Wedding vs. a Piece of Mindً

Wedding Dress : ~5,000 K.D.
Dinner : ~5,000 K.D.
Invitations: ~1000 K.D.
Kosha: there is no limit
we only mentioned three small parts of the wedding preparation process. People spend a lot of time, money, and effort in making this event happening to the “people’s” expectations. why we didn’t think of spending the same money or effort on making something the couples would benefit from in the long run? we in this week’s episode discuss the alternatives for this event, so enjoy and have fun and let us know what you think.

Day people vs. Night people

which one are you? do you go to bed at 10 pm like Ali or at 2 am like Musaed?

each has its own feeling and sensation. Before you start listening to the show decide to which group you belong and list all the activities you do during your day or night time. if you don’t know, you can take this test! CLICK HERE
morning person