Update all your social networks in one place

a cool web 2.0 website we came across after listening to Buzz Out Loud. it is called Ping and can be visited at www.ping.fm. it is sooooo convenient that you don’t have to go to all your network sites whether it was facebook, hi5, myspace, etc to update them or check your friends news. you can just sign up in one place and do all that.

the site is still in beta and Deera Chat got a 100 coupons for its listeners to try out the site. the beta code is deerachat

check it out and let us know what you think.

What phone to buy after the e61i?

my Nokia e61i is great but it is aging, it started to forget and man it is getting slower by the minute . so there are few options i am considering;

1- Nokia e71i

the new version is rumored to be out soon but the question is how different it is going to be? i want more features and i want more SPEED i had this problem before where it is wasn’t functioning well with speed.

and one stupid thing i faced was when i had like 1500 sms messages on the phone, it really used to take 30 to 40 seconds to go from one function to the other!! i guess such a high end phone aint supposed to be slow when clicking on the contacts button!!!


well, i worked on the Ericsson before and it was different. i think i just have to try to think differently when it comes to using the device. people say it is more stable and easier to use. the problem is a Sony can’t talk properly with a Nokia. for example, when you send a businesscard from Sony, Nokia can not read it and vise versa which is annoying. these small things add up and here in the gulf you are one among 100 who uses a Sony.

3- Palm Centro

the only thing i know about this phone is it is popular for its simplicity and i heard good reviews on Buzz Out Loud.

4- iPhone 3G

well i am waiting like crazy for this one and it finally out, well not really, i have to wait till July 11th. MS Exchange is one great feature that was missing and many other are there now. Price also has dropped down at least in the states now, will see how much the iCity will sell it for. i believe for such devices you have to wait and see the public reaction and review for it before blowing your savings. one big drawback in the old one was not being able to sync wirelessly to update the iTunes playlist along with the Podcast list. i am not sure if this feature is not available on the new iPhone or not.

with the iPhone i don’t have to curry two devices no more and thats just GREAT.

5- HTC diamond

one crazy thing i know about this one is that it scans business cards and that is amazing; being in meetings all day long and exchanging business cards 5 times a day; i think this feature is nuts. other than that; i know this phone runs on windows mobile and i hated it when i had the O2. the software is just clunky and very hard to use and i know many people would disagree with me on this. But for a person who does a phone call in two steps, it is hard to do the same in 6 steps!!!

anyway i will read the reviews and will see.


Tech Review: Digsby

While listening to the Buzz Out Loud podcast there was a mention of the Digsby software which made me download it. The software is still in beta version and requires an invitation. Deera Chat got 500 special invitations where you can download the software by going to http://www.digsby.com/ and type in “deera” in the invitation code for authorization.

Anyway the software is reallllllly cool where you can connect to all you AIM softwares (msn, yahoo, AIM, etc) and also connect to your social networks as well (facebook and myspace) where you get to see all the activities happening with your profile within one cool window.

the software is worth checking out and we have been using it and no problems so far.

Tips: Kuwait Top Level Domain Name

” Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR has been commissioned by the Ministry of Communications to undertake the responsibility of establishing, managing and operating Kuwait Top Level Domain Name System in early 1999. KISR has allocated state-of-art equipment and information systems and assigned a number of specialized technical personnel to ensure continuous, effective and uninterrupted services “

for more information please visit http://www.kw/

Tech Review: Tryphone.com

a cool web 2.0 site that lets you look into cell phones inside out. first you get to choose from a selection of phones (very limited for the time being) and then go into a deeper review of the phone from its features, specs, apps, demos, user reviews, and the best of all a live emulator of the phone functionality. you get to see the actual size of the phone and navigate through its important parts which we found different from the other sites. check it at www.tryphone.com

Tech Review, Nokia e61i

as you may have heard, i (Ali) just got myself a Nokia e61i and i am LOVING it. i am still not maximizing its features to the fullest because of not being connected all the time. at the first i wasn’t used to the size because the older phone i used to carry was the Nokia 6300 but man after experiencing SOME of its capabilities i changed my mind. I also bought myself a 2 GBs SD card where i am now carrying lots of my work files … WHICH IS GREAT.the apps i downloaded in the phone so far are:

1- Roadsync

i was forced to use this software which uses the activesync feature, SSL accessibility. Many companies block their POP3 and IMAP because of spam and security which limits your choices into syncing to your work mailbox. I’ve used this app so far and it is GREAT where you can sync your mailbox, contacts, calendar and so on. BUT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.

2- AutoLock

one thing i really miss in my old 6300 is the autolock feature which it is slightly modified in the e61i where you need to put in your phone pin to unlock it. it is a small and easy to use app. highly recommended.

3- Gmail mobile

I LOVE GMAIL and now i am loving it more. Google knows how to MAKE you use their products with a smile. easy to use and saves alot of time in just one click away from your Gmail account

4- fring

i am a big Skype user where i have my brothers studying overseas and this software made it happen. i am not sure why Skype itself doesn’t have its own mobile app yet which is weird. Also the only problem with this app is that it slows your phone ALOT so i tried another iSkoot which was just fine but it also slowed my phone as well so it is has been removed as well. so if you NEED to use Skype with other chatting apps Fring is your solution and if you only need sky i highly recommend iSkoot.

5- Nokia Podcasting:

really nice light software that eases your podcasting habits. one downside is that we couldn’t use the app without going through the getting started manual or getting started demo. Also Nokia’s podcast directory is very limited and in case you are interested in may podcasts, you’ll have to change the search URL manually which is not a one step process. We have to remember the app is still in its beta version, so lets hope they’ll tweak it and add a video podcasting feature to it in the future.

6- Google Search Mobile

this new small software works amazengly on the e61i and so easy to use where you only have to press the ctrl once and small  Google window will pop up over parts of your screen and you get to type in your search term, once your done it will direct you to your Nokia default browser to see your Google Search Results. this software works perfectly for people who Google everything every 2 minutes!


one word of advice, do not install a big memory SD card. i had the 512 MB coming with phone and never had any problems but once i decided to sync my working files into the phone with a 2GB memory, the phone started lagging and being slow like hell. i tried to clean it up and use the 2GB without any files in it, but the problem didn’t go away. so finally decided to go back to the 512 MB and everything went back to normal. so do not upgrade the memory unless you need to.

thats it for now the apps now but the only problem i have is connectivity. i am still not sure if i need to be connected at all times and is the price that i will being is worth it. i am currently a Zain customer which they only offer two packages for GPRS services;

1- Standard Unlimited for 13.5 KD a month

2- Super Unlimited for 27 KD a month

i am guessing because of the fact the phone is only capable of maximum upload and download rate of 384 kbps, i will only pay for the 13.5 KD for now and confirm if it can go higher or not and upgrade if needed.

in conclusion, i am just loving the battery live, big screen, easy to use keypad, and almost every. so if you are into being synced to your work email 24/7 and you don’t like or can’t afford the E8, like myself, the e61i is the perfect solution for you.