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Marketing a product is good enough to make a customer buy stuff, but to keep him happy, you need to have customer service. Customer service plays a big part in our lives today but this sector is still evolving in Kuwait and not applied properly yet. So listen to our show this week to find out more

customer service kuwait

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  1. Helloooo ;D ..

    its 8:06 am now .. and i have a lot of things to do today and many of them i’ll be dealing with costumer care ;/ .. alah y3ene

    my Car has the worst Costumer service ever .. ! i just hate it when i need to tell them something .. cuz they are soo bad .. ok i’ll say it 3ashan yenfa’67on .. its Audi o el wekala el qanem .. ta3banaaaa 7adha .. mako respect what so ever … cuz i had my car from the wekala i had this card with my car that says ina flan leflany is in charge of my car law enshalah i call him and i ask him silly questions such as .. how open the door ! he must answer me sa7 ! .. el mohim hal rayal i called him cuz the car started to give me some noises from the inside .. yananneee .. i was so mad .. o enle6a3t bel shams bel wekala in shwaikh waiting for someone to just look at the car .. oh and the place in shwaikh sucks BIG TIME ! wekalat sayarat mafeha parking san3 !
    eee o el spare car …they took my car for 4 days and i wanted another car .. mako may9er ! .. HUH ! … y3ne 4 days amshy 3ala eryoli ..
    eshta6aait cuz i remembered how i was so mad with them and i just hate the fact that my car should go to the 2nd service in few days ..

    Mesaed i like your company care options .. sounds so sweet ..
    sounds in Lala Land though ..

    you’re costumer service ROCKS .. matshofonii kel yom yayaah ehnee 😛 .. *hugs* ..

    o dinar chat b3ad has a very good costumer service .. sor3at el rad Mashalah ..

    Movie chat rocks b3ad kela et7eb etwanesna .. o et6awer men nafs-ha ..

    i loved what you did with the site and logo .. and if i can do more i would be HAPPY to do it afa 3alaikom 😀

    nice episode wayed related to everyday life ..
    i’ll go now get ready to deal with costumer service in my bank

    have a nice weekend .. m3ana el jaw estaqfaralah 3athab ! ..
    i woke up cuz i couldnt breath men el dust
    enshalah e6eg mo6ar o ynqesel el jaw ..

    see you guys ..
    and im gona miss you till next week

  2. i guess you won’t do all that in this really bad weather
    and yeah this experience would definitly affect your shopping decisions … so you won’t buy the VW, audio or whatever the dealer sells to you.

    thanks for your comment Bedoor … and make sure next time you buy something you ask about their service … AL SAYEER ROCKS … TOYOTA ROCKS

  3. Hello …
    walah they were really nice when we got the car and everything was so nice.. but when the time came to the 1st service it turns out they are so bad ! .. i mean the way they take care of you and show you that you’re being welcomed to their dealer shop is soooo lame ,… but the car and the work on the car el 7emdelah its nice.. i personally dont drag my car to somewhere or to something i know i’ll regret or damage it later :p .. so yeah thanks to me too .

    the weather is sooooooooooo BAD .. i couldnt see the raod but i dealt with it and finished what ever i needed to do .. cuz i know my work days i basicly go to work and stay home .. so i have to do things in weekends morning time .

    hope you’re having good time this weekend ..
    i basicly have nothing to do what so ever ! no plans :’/
    sooo i wish you a happy time instead .. and be happy 😀

  4. well …good customer service starts with a smile, and since we are arab…..we’re built in with angry faces and loud voices, too bad we can’t help it ..i went a restrant once and the waiter asked me “eshtaby?” and i was like “what the hell!!” and i walked away …
    as sad as it sounds we have to fix our barbaric behaviors and then automatically we’ll have good customer service

  5. Modo:
    if we look at it from seller/buyer point of view, the smile should come from the seller. i agree with u and would walkout any restaurant treat me this way, but it takes more then the two of us walking out for the restaurant owner to get the message.

  6. hello deera guys!
    I worked in a financial institution where much of the clients were asians. the customer service personnels were making fun of the clients! they were totally irrespectful. the mobile companies and most banks are another story! thier attitude is perfect and respectful but they are technically unqualified to answer the client’s questions!

  7. I have to say this is not just there in Kuwait! We have the same problem in here (Cyprus)…

    Even though in Finland a sales man or woman would get kicked out if they were not polite and nice! They have automatically say hello (hei) and then serve your needs!

    But in Cyprus they have people answering calls are so bad with their information, and then you could go to a shop where you see a woman who talks really impolitely serving you! It’s really sad!

    N Finland everything in that section is great and perfect! I don’t think I ever went to a shop and walked out angry as I have done here few times!

    If the people listen to this podcast take your advice and complain. I’m sure Kuwait will get better by time, but it’ll need that time to change! 🙂

    Very nice subject guys!! Good work! And you are so good in your costumer service in your site and shows! 😉

  8. Powerful
    that is totally disrespectful and raciest!! i said raciest because it is totally unacceptable to a not respect people based on where they come from!!!

    Sweet D:

    i didnt know Cyprus had the same problem which is too bad .. customer service is needed everywhere where you have customers need service!!!
    as mentioned in the podcast; personnel working in the service should be knowing what they are offering their services on!! to do that they need training and communication skills to reach their employment objectives

  9. Hi Guys;
    loooong time…
    shortly.. the problem with our part of the world in NO RESPECT FOR HUMANS.. No personal value for the human being… not just in the case of customer service, but in all aspects of human interactions..

  10. I haven’t had enough experience in Kuwait yet, but in Egypt it has been getting so much better in the recent years. From experience when you demand excellent service you have to be ready to follow up on getting it. In Egypt Vodafone the customer service is excellent, but every once in a while when the level of service is not upto my expectations I will file an official complaint. When I am not happy with a meal in a restaurant I usually tell the maitre’d nicely that an improvement could be made. And I have had friends who have contacted head offices of Renault to improve the customer service in Renault Egypt.
    Companies have to provide very good service and as consumers we also have to be ready to “fix it” like the airline company you gave, as customers we have to be ready to say OK I have a problem and I expect it to be fixed, and be flexible about the possibilities.

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