12 Replies to “Deera Chat in Sharq”

  1. Goood JoooooB ;****
    alaaah enshalah ewafegkom 7ag kel khair o essaahel 3alaikom kel shay fe 6a3ta ameen …

    im hyper about it .. wanaaa seee .. ;D

    new blog ? .. yala yala meta meta .. i hate waiting :PpP~

  2. Mabrook, enshalah u get ur T.v talk show as mishmisha said.

    but i have a concern or maybe a point of view, about ur logo . it is nice, and attractive but its not a logo. imagine applying that to a stamp ? or a fax ? or maybe resize it to make it smaller on a corner of a business card. it should be memorable. u look at it “ONCE” and u get to remember it. the logo has alot of details in it. minimize it to the mic alone underlined with http://www.deera-chat.com that would work as a quick thought. u/we could brainstorm for more things that would symbolize your identity and personality .sorry to go off topic, but im a graphic designer and im just saying/pointing out what i know.

  3. Mashalaaaah thats greaaaaat news!!! 😀

    ya rab inshala you guys are imwafigeen 😀 and trust me you have done it, and you make every Kuwaiti proud of this podcast..


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