Deera Chat Stats

check my site visitors = 6,302 since we moved to wordpress (last month)
file transfer = 35 GB
Feed subscribers = 40 subscriber/day (average)
Feed downloads = 1,960 download
Listeners/episode = 545 listener

so I think we are doing just fine!
thanks everyone for your support

18 Replies to “Deera Chat Stats”

  1. I think you’re doing well because you’re doing such a good job! I love listening to you guys! And I’m far a way from Kuwait and it’s problems, but still I can relate with you guys more than anyone else I’ve heard from back there!!

    Just keep the good work and you’ll be getting more listeners every week! 🙂

  2. thanks Nora-Cassandra;
    you ROCK too 😉
    we love all of our listeners in and outside of Kuwait specially the ones name Nora-Casandra hehehe
    thanks for your support and don’t forget to mention us to ur friends

  3. well thanks Cozy man and happy that your back to commenting on our blog
    so stay tuned every Wed, Thur, and Fri
    thanks for your support and don’t forget to tell your friends

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