Dinar Chat followup

Go Here we started Dinar Chat two weeks now and we would like to share the two episodes we did so far in our beloved Deera Chat;

1- Kuwait International Financial City
2- Kuwait Investment Options

you can subscribe to Dinar Chat by following the icon in the sidebar or clicking below

or visit our podcast blog in www.dinarchat.wordpress.com

in case you didn’t like finance and money talk, you’ll like Dinar Chat because we approach the topics in a fun and nice way … so check out the two podcasts we did so far and let us know what you think

3 Replies to “Dinar Chat followup”

  1. Thanks for Dinar chat and you guys 6ab3an .. you made it easy and sounds more like .. straight forward ena en3aref information about finance and money .. which i wasnt so sure i’ll understand one day .. kha9atan .. bor9a and as-hom o hal swalef .. madre laish ! ..

    im sure i’ll get good basics and information about it .. with ur Podcasts episodes ;D

    great idea and great effort ..

    keep it up guys

    ps : the link of dinar chat the one next to home and contact us thingy isnt working .. so .. i know its the other site bs 3ashan u fix it 🙂 ..

  2. its okkay .. i hope you like them ;D
    and i cant wait till the next podcast .. thursday seemed so far this week :///

    and i need to know more about movie chat .. i start desiging already .. but .. dont know .. shwaya blank ! ;”’/

    hope you’ll like what im doing ..

    keep up the good work guys .

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