Dishdasha vs. Casual

We decided to talk about dishdasha vs. Casual, which one more comfortable? does it feel different? do people treat you different? find out what we think and tell us what you think, ladies same goes for you, what do women say

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  1. i listened 2 ur dishdashah episode, excellent, u brought up stuff i didnt know about, like how old men respond to u, and how u feel like if ur in meetings with foreigners and how ur work gets done in a dishdasha faster then a suit or casual in ministries…

    personally i loooooooooove suits, they’re sexy, (ties turn me on cuz i think its sexy when a girl pulls the tie in wild way to take off the guys clothes) i’ve always said i wanted 2 marry a guy in a suit for my wedding day, but everybody here makes fun of me and say:” shinoo??? zalamah..?? masreeyah??”
    and love casual, and started 2 love dishdashas just 3 years ago, i dunno, maybe cuz im getting mature, so basically i love everything on a man as long as he looks nice and knows what 2 wear and where 2 wear the right outfit…

    i discovered i loved dishdashas just 3 years ago cuz i find them very razah also, and i love it when a guy “breaks” (yikser) his neck 2 keep the 3ggal holding and brings the qitrah infront then tosses it back again on his shoulders….ouch!!! turns me on….it never did, but i think cuz im getting mature heeheehee

  2. actually i was just too lazy to navigate through this post … any how … i used to always wear suits but now i am trying to wear both suits and dishdasha … as we mentioned in the podcast the look people give is different … or may be i am getting mature as well … who knows hehehe
    thanks for your post and sorry for not responding

  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there 😀 I like wordpress, so clean & simple! might switch in the future? dont know

    any how as for my opinion in this episode of ur porcast I think that there should not be a single patern/style for wearing, but I think that according to the occasion/ place ur going to you decide what to wear and always wear what you feel comfortable with, I do not prefer a guy with a dishdasha more than a guy in casual & VS also, but I like the guy that wears something appropriate for the activity he is doing, although am pro freedom of doing what u want 😀 still I appreciate who knows what to wear & when to wear it annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd weather what he/she is wearing suits them 🙂

  4. Ana 3adii, it doesnt really matter…jeans w T is cool bas il mushkilla ina bil Kuwait mo kil wa7id y3arif shloon enagee malabsa, wil nateeja y6l3oon chenhom 3agad.. =P

    Bas a7is ina lama il shabab yalbisoon il Dishdasha wil gutra wil 3gal e9eeroon shaklhom razah, w kash5a! Actually 5ala9 i changed my mind…dishdasha a7la! It7is inah fee rjoola..its hot! =D

    5alaaaaaa9…kil wa7id yalbis dishdasha w bas! lol >>i think am going a lil carried away now..time for me to shhhhh..

  5. I always found a man wearing a Dishdasha is very sexy. Even though I think every dressing has it’s time and occasion. And now living out of Kuwait I find myself missing the seeing men wearing the Dishdasha!

    I would agree of wearing it when going to a ministry, visiting, or to a meeting at work there a man should be wearing Disdasha. But when going to the beach, holidays or such men should be ok by wearing pant, jeans and a t-shirt.

    After all, I would say I never judged a man with his clothing, but it’s good for a man to know where and when to wear what! 🙂

  6. I think that the dishdasha is all that a man should wear, western clothing is not attractive, and it should be banned in Kuwait, women should wear niqabs and me should all have to wear a dishdasha no matter what.

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