Do you like what you hear?

can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico if you like what you hear in our podcast and would like other people to listen to us … you can always have our iTunes button in your website or blog by copying and pasting the following code

and if you do post this button you’d receive the following;
1- a kiss on your right cheek
2- another kiss on your left cheek

7 Replies to “Do you like what you hear?”

  1. LOOOL ..
    thats soo sweet of you … its valantines u know .. and ur gifts are just right on time hehehe…

    i told my friends about the podcast and inshalah they’ll be one of the members sooon ;D

    i got kisses *yubbiiii* lol

  2. its great you posted another button cos the first one a bit unclear 🙂

    and oh as we say in bahrain.. “7abatkom il 3afya” :**

    P.s. Got your podcasts on my new i-pod 😉

  3. – Bedoor: hehehehe thanks so much for your efforts and no wonder our count has jumped big time in the past few days …

    – Angelo: yest and you can now listen to it 😉 enjoy

    – G: yeah i noticed the one you have your blog and hope this one would do it … thanks again for having our logo in your blog

    – Shaykhspeara: yeah … wish i was there!!! but ohh well … wish you’ll have the best times there and make sure you mention Deera Chat to the Swedish people and it doens’t matter they would understand us or not 😉
    thanks for your comment

  4. hey thanks for your comment on my site..i replied on there but here was my response also 😛 : ” Hehe! It helped me out alot. I now know what i have and what i dont have. Plus its helped me come up with alot of new ideas! 🙂 ”

    interesting blog you have here.. 🙂 happy belated v-day 🙂

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