Doctor vs. Patient Expectations

Physical treatment is not the only way to treat patients, doctor attitude, colors, weather, and even the food the eat play a part in their treatment as well!

the same goes for doctors who have to have all the different skills to talk to the different patients which is very hard. So listen to this week’s episode to see Deera Chat’s perspective in this issue and you have to choice to agree or disagree.

doctor patient relationship

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  1. Hellooooo 🙂
    nice episode .. walah i agree with what you said guys ..
    when i get sick and really feel bad i give up and go to doctors ( im not a doctor person i just treat myself at home ) so why is that ? cuz i dont trust doctors so much cuz of the day i took a wrong treatment from a doc for flu and i end up having problems in my stomache .. then when i went back to her and asked her she said : OH ana asfaa ! ( you must take it once a day and i wrote twice aday ) thak el yom cuz of all the pain i got from the wrong treatment i just dont trust them . not all of them though

    i once needed to go to the doctor for something in my finger that needs to be removed .. so i went .. and he started having the bottles and nails and all the kinve-like tool .. and i was so nervous i asked what he’ll do .. he was so rude : he said : ما تبين اشيل العوار ؟
    i said : ee akeed bas shlon goly
    he said : al7en etshofen
    so he started .. and i suddenly got hurt and i moved HIS hand .. he shouted : ماتشيليييش ايد الدكتور !
    gomt o 6ala3t telling mom that i dont want him to take it for me !
    cuz he scares me from the very start and i was a about 12 years old ..
    i even cant forget it !

    for good doctors i say : alah y36ekom el 3afya o alah enshalah ewafegkom
    o for evil doctors : i dont like you .

    thanks for the episode i liked it ..
    till next week enshalah 🙂

  2. I expect from the doctor to be nice, as Ali said a smile and good manners!

    The second thing I want from a doctor is full diagnosis! I want the doctor to care! I remember in Kuwait it was very rare! They never cared if you didn’t know some one in the hospital; they didn’t know how to explain what is the illness and the problem!

    I’m not saying all doctors were like that in Kuwait! But most the doctors I met were missing all the qualities that a doctor should have!

    I remember the saying they had; you are the doctor or me? I thought that’s a sentence they teach them in the university or something!

    My daughter was in many hospitals looking for the reason of her breathing problems!? And no one cared till I got back to Finland and there they found it in 4 months after hard long tests!

    Well I can’t really comment more! I think it’s unfair if I do because haven’t tried the hospitals or doctors of Kuwait for the last 8 years!!!

    I’m sad to know that not many things have changed! I’m really surprised that a country with well economy and still can’t fix their hospitals!?

    I do hope guys this podcast would help to change some things even if small! 🙂

  3. Remember doctors are humans too, and we all sometimes can make mistakes. Depending on what line of work we find ourselves we either get to go scot free or there is hell to pay for. But at the end of the day a mistake is a mistake period and it is so not right to parade mistakes nurses and doctors make and to turn a blind eye to mistakes made by bankers, accountants, lawyers or even the cashier at supermarket check-outs.

  4. Christina Al Tubtubei;

    Haven’t you heard the podcast Customer Service In Kuwait???
    Ali and Musa3ed are not saying all doctors nor do they say doctors are not human! They are trying to point out the some of the doctors that we have those problems with! I personally had that not for 1 doctor in Kuwait, but over 20!!! All in my daughter’s case! I didn’t meat 1 doctor in a neither privet nor public hospital that cared! And I was taking her for 10 months!!! Thank the sweet Lord that I got in time in Finland and got her checked!! She was allergic to medicine all the doctors gave her for 10 months!!! So if she wasn’t lucky, she might have died because of their attitude and not caring!!!

    So yes Christiana they are humans! And they do have to work so hard to not do these kinds of mistakes! And believe me as Deera Chat did an episode about the Customer Service another one about the doctors, they will be doing bankers, accountants and lawyers too!!! 🙂

  5. Bedoor:
    first comment like always .. hehehehe … KEEP IT UP
    and big LOOL at the ماتشيليييش ايد الدكتور it is funny and sad at the same time …
    as musaed mentioned during the episode many doctors need to learn some communication skills that would qualify them to talk to the patients.

    smile smile smile for a reason or with no reason and you have no idea how magical this smile would be on u as a patient or healthy person ….
    may be thats a problem we have because most hospitals here in Kuwait are governmental and thats how things usually in a governmental sector but we said for the 1000000 we are not supposed to be like this with all the resources we have …. man we have lots of money and we can use the money in the right channels

    Christina Al Tubtubei
    thanks for commenting and welcome on board
    well you are right and please to what we mentioned about the doctors expectations to offer prober care to us patients …. pay plays a big role in this matter where attitude, level or care, level of responsibility all change and are mostly shaped on pay … i am not saying it depends on it 100% but it really does play a big role in it

  6. loved the episode..
    i totally agree with all ur points …doctors are so under paid in kuwait …

    P.S: i heard that mosaid’s father is in the hospital i hope he’ll get well soon

  7. Hi guys;
    All true.. but it takes us back to the egg and chicken question, what would lead to what.. I believe in the saying “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”, meaning if we are stingy on our hospitals and don’t pay doctors well, then all we’d get are the worse doctors and the rejects from india, egypt, syria and wherever. that’s one point.. I also agree 100% with Musa’ed that you’re either born with the talent to be a doctor or not, and I remember when it was suggested years ago that acceptance in Medical college in Kuwait must be dependant on a personal interview and not just how much they score in high school (esp. with the level of teaching here), but that was so rejected that the doctor who suggested it was removed from his high position in Med. School. That could be a start. Another important thing would be to better the working conditions in Kuwaiti hospitals and give these guys a chance to work, then you’ll find many talents that were frustrated and buried by the bad conditions.

    We do have a lot to talk about in this subject and other subjects to make it a better place for us and our kids.


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