Does the World Bank recommend doing business in Kuwait?

before you start a new business in Kuwait you have to take a look at the World Bank’s doing business report on Kuwait (thats if you don’t have was6a of course). the site has a cool Google maps embedded in the site showing you the whole world and a snapshot of each country with a summary of where they stand in the global economy. The report states that there is 0 hiring difficulty in the country! we also we back 15 points in trading across borders compared to 2006(i think it is because development in Iraq was slowed down because of the inner problems). Anyway the report is really nice to look at to have a better understanding how the World Bank sees our economy.

Also other options can be see on the map and their report; Enterprise Survey, financial indicators, Privatization, and Private Infrastructure


1- Doing Business in Kuwait

2- Economy Characteristics Comparison

3- Doing business map

3 Replies to “Does the World Bank recommend doing business in Kuwait?”

  1. I respect your blog, but this post is absolutely worthless.

    The world bank in another medium of control targeting the third world and imposing severe sanctions on economies that do not follow their bigot bracket.

    If you do want to provide information on doing business in Kuwait, go to The Kuwait Top List has been around for 15 years, and is much more authentic thant a political bank.

    You could also visit my blog at and talk about marketing in Kuwait and what major companies in Kuwait are doing these days.

    Thank you for your patience.

    1. first thanks for respecting our blog 😉
      second i gotta agree with you on the world bank issue and i am not saying they are not biased or they have their own agenda but at the end of the day it is a study that you might agree on or disagree for many reasons. Speaking of studies, after reviewing your Kuwait toplist website i noticed that you used the world bank as a reference because it agrees with whatever you were selling there and i quote” “The decline in oil prices had an adverse effect on the economy. A recent World Bank study has strongly recommended that the Kuwait Government should consider the privatization of many of its agencies. Among the more likely targets for such a programme are…”
      also note that the information you have their is out dated and most information are not true about oil prices and how attractive and an open market Kuwait is. anyway i kinda disagree on almost every point you have there but as long as international companies are eating this information, then why not 😉

      thanks for stopping by.


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