Episode follow up: Comics aint only for kids!

This is not a review of go site The Dark Knight. However, considering the film isn’t even in theaters yet, it might come as a surprise to hear so much profound praise, but I can’t help from sharing my feelings on this absolute masterpiece. In fact, I’ve decided to move beyond calling it a masterpiece to calling it potentially a http://goldiesplace.org/25b2/hareov.php?sj=nibs-college-vacancies cinematic revolution. Not since Lord of the Rings: Return of the King five years ago in December of 2003, did I walk out of the theater so moved, so amazed, and so extraordinarily impacted by the movie I had just watched. Instead of reviewing this film and its many brilliant elements, I must explain why it truly is a flawless masterpiece that the world will experience together on July 18th. Don’t necessarily change any of your expectations, but be prepared for an unforgettable theatrical experience.

The Dark Knight

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