Episode Follow up: Going to the movies … God help you!

i came across a really nice article of a topic we spoke about before which is the “Going to the movies … God Help you” episode. the article was in the National Post and i will quote one paragraph and leave you read the rest by following this link
“Is there any moviegoer who hasn’t been annoyed by noisy popcorn-munchers, gossiping teenagers, crying babies, snoring patrons, compulsive seat-kickers, morons with laser pointers or loudmouths who insist on providing a running commentary?”

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  1. Man, this is one of the reasons I freak everytime I want to go to a new anticipated movie.
    I pray no one will spoil it. For Pirates of Caribbean, I took the day off to catch earliest movie 😛
    For Wall-e, I took early leave request for same reason. Only this time my kid was the source of noise ;/. It was almost quite, but I think my kid will have to wait before seeing a theater again

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