Free Internet in Kuwait

source site Here in Kuwait we have all the basic components we need to have a free internet service for every single person living in the Kuwaiti soul … so why it is not happening and what it happens, how it would benefit me and you?!

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  1. helloooo 😀 gawakom Allah ..
    i cant agree more with you ya Mesaed .. its silly to have april’s fool in the newspapers .. o one word to them : امصخت !

    about the topic : laish may9er el net free .. its gona Rock here in kuwait .. and i’ll be positive about it … nowadays the internet is used like for daily life .. for everythinnnnnng .. ( bs not the place i work in – yesterday my boss had her first email address – i told her to have one to make life easier ) … Life will be much much easier and fun if we had everything in the net .. and to have this we must have the internet is free of charge or at least something like cheap ..

    Mesaed : who sends fax ? plz dont make me cry .. in work we use the fax machine like daily and forever .. and its a government sector ( SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADLY) .. but remember we’re gona have the e-gov ? .. this is really sick .. e-gov and they dont eeven have emails !

    but i have a question .. if everything has to be done in the net … dont you think that we’ll face the problem of working ppl . they wont be working much ..and getting paid for ?

    liked the episode walah .. you guys are open minded
    Allah ykather men amthaalkom ..
    oO all the best inshalah

    after all if we have anything that would make life easier .. its gona be for us and for kuwait benifits in general ..

  2. Hi,

    As for April Fool, I really hate it, and especially from official news sources and sites. I naively fall into it, and for the rest of the day could not trust any news source. I wonder if someone can sue them for this fool effect.

    FREE Internet in Kuwait. I was shocked to read the title. First, let’s get proper internet for the 17 KD/month we are paying. Service down is something pretty natural, because someone messed up with sea cable in UAE! Where is the backup? Another bigger tragedy is site blocking. Few weeks back, Blogger was blocked by KEMS. Very often I find eligible sites blocked. Once a technical page inside technical site was only blocked, only that page! Yesterday I found out Qnet are blocking specific queries, like XXX. Even though there are eligible results for XXX, like xXx the movie. Also, Google results are blocked even when you try to exclude xxx results using “-xxx”! What sense?

    I agree Kuwait is very small, and free internet is a very useful thing to educate public. Especially with their effort to make e-Government a reality (Without commenting on their weak authentication mechanism). As for the technology, south surra has Fiber Optics, but is their technology to utilize it? NO. They are just investing in blocking more and more services, like the VoIP which makes international calls cheaper and easier.

    BeDoor: If I may comment on your question, if everything is automated on the internet, you require technicals and support from the back for the process. and employee’s time will be invested in improving the service rather than doing something routine. People will have jobs, with possibly higher payments, but require more innovation.

  3. I don’t like and never do the April fool! And I think if a newspaper does it has to really take consideration with people’s feelings!

    I can not comment on this issue! This is for people living there! But I do hope there get the digital gap filled up! They have the same problem in Cyprus (Greek side) and I was very shocked and bothered with that when moved here from Finland!

    But good subject guys! 🙂

  4. By the way, San Francisco opened for a bid to cover the whole area with wireless network. Google won that bid and already started covering certain locations. The deal if I remember correctly is that there will be FREE access with embedded Ads, and a licensed faster one perhaps with no ads.

  5. Bashar : Thaanks alot for answering.. yeah you got a point .. infact i was thinking the same way today and just came in to say whay you said in your answer hehe .. i think life would be easier .. its gona be different but at least in a good way ..
    Thanks again .

  6. Even though we have all the neseccary component to create a free internet experinece yet it is kinda impossible to happen especially in Kuwait. Unless, we would create a free wireless connection across Kuwait…however, and just like The[M]Code stated, I also heard about the wireless project which sounds kinda neat even if it’s not free.

  7. Bedoor:
    you got the shotgun this time … ooo 7adha imsa’7at
    Internet is Free in Eygpt and they are 60,000,000 people or more … and we still don’t have nothing planned for that yet!
    and yeah welcome to the government sector, technology there is just a time waster !!!
    GOOD Question!!! i did ask him the same question and of you think about it, you’d safe money by firing people from the governmental sector or just put them aside instead of complicating things!! we all know most of the people working in the governmental sector are getting paid as a way of distributing the wealth among us!!
    thanks for your comment and wish you all the best

    thanks for your comment and welcome on board … hope you liked listening to our show
    and glad there are plans for such project but how come we never heard of anything like it in the press?

    Thanks Bashar and welcome on board … thanks to your email on dinar chat and stay tuned to our next topic there
    a newspaper has it is seriousness in expressing the facts happening but not in Kuwait which is SAD!!!
    and big LOL at the 17DK per month service … totally true but man if the GOVERNMENT plans something, it will simply happen no matter what!!
    and about the site blocking … what are the basis and the procedures to block websites here in Kuwait! and are they supposed to be blocked? who should issue the blocking? aren’t we living in a open world where if you can’t get the information from one source you’ll get it from somewhere else!?!?!
    it sad to where we come to and if you think about it if ISPs are blocking website to what they think is right… i don’t think free internet will come anytime soon!!
    and about the VOip … i just made a call via Skype the other day with no problems … so is it only jnob il sorra ? ??
    thanks for your comment and welcome on board

    Nora Cassandra:
    to be honest i was trying to convince musaed to do an April fool episode but he convinced me not to by doing this segment
    and yeah the digital gap here in Kuwait is HUGE as bedoor said there are soooo many people who don’t know what an email is YET!!!!
    thanks again for your comment and wish all the best
    by the way how is the fish in Finald ???
    do u have any zibaidi??

    i welling to pay as much as 20 KD a month for a fast and reliable wireless service if it exists … it would be GREAT if i am connected ALL The time …

  8. well in where i work .. there is work .. but there is no technology to make work faster and easier .. and FUN .. benesba li :/ …

    but my boss having an email for the first time the first step to change them .. shway shway 3alay o a’6abe6hom :PpP

    and yeah maybe we’ll save money .. but at least lets make the e-gov and more private companies so ppl who dont work go and work there ..

    and ppl in government sector not working , well not all of them.. sometimes its heavy and sometimes its not as heavey .. i finish my work by 4 sometimes i come first and go last ..
    i cant change me to be like them .. althou im working in Gov sector .

    Thanks alot .. ;*

  9. Admin: VoIP is not blocked yet, but ministry is arranging and meeting with ISPs to block it, or make way of generating money for them!
    They say the technology is costing them money.
    This is original article from Al-Watan newspaper here
    and a follow up here

  10. I’m living in Cyprus (Greek side) and people like the fish here! But in Fin there is no salt water fish! You’ll be on salmon, whitefish (siika) and such river fish (that I prefer)… Why are you asking about FISH? I’m not a fish eater and I don’t like seafood! But Salmon, sushi and few other fish is good with me! 😉

  11. April’s fool: 6ab3an not for newspapers to prank that’s maskhara– but I[‘m not a newspaper so I’ll continue doing it =)

    As for free internet– BTW, since we (ba7rain) are equally small, maybe some company in Kuwait should copy this: Connect2 (a new telecoms company in Bahrain) is starting to offer free internet to individuals May 1st this year. Their service for companies and organizations is for money of course — and they make enough money from that to be able to offer free personal service since their internet is super fast compared to the current super slow inefficient partly-government-owned company.. (it’s like the Avast anti-virus concept)

  12. Berdoor:
    3afarim 3alij bedoor and hope we find other people like yourself dedicated to work.

    alright cyprus cyprus cyprus… thats where all the Tuna fish is, and too bad you are not a seafood person coz i am, me love salmon, tuna, and whitefish … and i have no idea why the hell did i ask about fish!! thanks for the answer though

    WOW at the free internet in Bahrain
    we actually are up for anything that would serve the society bridging the tech gap by offerring internet at low cost or free!!
    and man i wish companies or the government thinks about this thing and develop it … it seems there are plans but lets just wait and see what will happen

  13. No prob. You can ask about anything you want when ever you want! 🙂 The tuna I like it row! When in Japanese rest! I think you’ll love the sword fish that my husband makes in his restaurant! Salmon I like and whitefish (siika in Finnish) I love!! I remember the peoples love for sea food in KW!

  14. Dear Deera Chat….

    I am pleased to listen to you guys. I have many comments:

    Regarding April Foul
    We have people in Kuwait who think ina el 3eed el Watani bid3a, and guess what…even el mawlid el nabawi. And April Foul is published!!!!
    Wala I was shocked because I don’t understand our people back home 🙂

    Regarding the Internet
    I am with you %100 and for those who are worried about their children, Kuwait as already blocked all websites that could hurt families and guess what…the even blocked more than that 🙂
    There could be special codes and usernames for that.
    Also consider us…the people outside Kuwait…the internet is the only connection between us and home…Satalite Tv is not enough.
    Deera Chat gave you all the amazing reasons why we should have this done so thank you fellows.

    Keep it up and make it a discussion issue in majlis el uma. The new generations should have their Voice.

  15. Amar B.
    thank you and welcome aboard, we are trying to make a change and voice logical opineions and option to make people aware of them. the digital gap is killing us, in the states, you do every thing online, buy, sell, check, pay, transfare, even meet people. and in here we are still stuck with record books and paper work! there is a positive movement in the privet sector, so we still have hope.
    please check out the previous episodes and let us know what you think. thank you

  16. Thank you for the warm welcome. There are many Projects that we never hear about, you can read my post about Projects in Kuwait, the press never release any info about most projects.

  17. hey there..
    i think we all know the importance of using the internet, but i think it would be better if you spent more time talking about “why would they wanna do it for free and who’s willing to do it for free?” rather than talking about the importance of the internet..since there are many other important thing that are not for free like cell-phones, health care, clothers…
    again, i won’t say NO for free food, free clothes, free cell-phones, and free internet. but this is not how life work, life is more complicted than this!!!

  18. been listening to every episode.. enteresting topics.. and you guys are doing a good job discussing them.. and keep up the good work.. and looking forward to the next episode.. and salamatkom! 😛

    no seriously.. good job!

  19. the [m] code
    i was really happy to see a website for the first ring road construction which shows one of the many projects happening in Kuwait

    thanks and to answer your questions … governments should work for its people development and improvements which is the most honorable reason for the government to do this kind of project
    also to your information eygpt with its high populaton offer free internet connection to its people … also you have to ask yourself why google, yahoo, and msn are offerring wifi to normal people outdoor in the US … they benfit from it … but in Kuwait i don’t believe Wataniya or MTC reached this level here to offer it for free but as you may notice it is possible where they are offering it for a charge
    internet now is like food and drink and if you want to take your people’s way of thinking to the next level .. . you have to invest on them and one way to invest on your people is to provide them with the latest technologies

    thanks and good luck with school

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