Going to the Movies God helps you!

http://1payroll.com/dept-of-labor-releases-new-overtime-rules/ Going to the movies supposed to be entertaining, not in here. Get ready for crying babies, annoying guys, late people, and best of all, ringing mobiles. but wait, there is more, but you have to listen to it in this week’s episode.


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  1. ginseng buyers pa ya36eekom al3afyaaa

    walaah adree shenoo ga3ed etgoloan menoo fenaa mataathaa meen alnas ely bel cinema welaa meen alnas elly etga6e3 alfilm

    elly eyga63oon anaa shayefhom nas matadree shel 6ab5aa ga3daa wet6eg bel jars oo akoo hindee yeg3d eyga6e3 shegal ta5alf walaah et7es enaa ga3ed bel garn al 18 makoo 3agleyaat kalaa 3alihaa alzeman

    oo 3an elly bel cinema hathool maw9’oo3 thanee hathee moshkelaa akbr meen alcinema hathee moshkelat tarbeyaa oo a5laag shof wain we9al almostawaa fee hal deyraa 3agleyaat lelasf zeft oo tarbeyaa ardaa shenoo tetwag3 meen 6efal ga3ed eyrabee 6efal

    faa alsalfaa mo salft movie e5tarb 3alik alsalfaa salft deyraa manadree wain ray7aa oo wain ebtoo9al

  2. thanks cosimfree911
    and welcome on board
    man thats crazy what you are saying how the ministry censors movies!!!!
    i was like yeah it is crazy to have clueless people who do this kind of censoring but it is seems true!!!
    and yeah you are right … totally … it is about the way you are raised when you behave in or out side the theater … whenever you share something with people you have to put boundaries and restrict your actions but we don’t have that here in Kuwait which drives me crazy

    at the end you just want to enjoy the 2.5 K.D. you are paying thats all!!
    but 95% of times you don’t!!

  3. y36eekom alf 3afya ..
    i tottally understand and i FEEL the pain you’re talking about … its a number 1 reason i dont like to go to the movies .. well i go to movies RAAAARELY … alah y7af’6 ele yab el dvds .. walah i’d rather sit at home watch a movie and enjoy it .. rather than going to the movies to just be upset and come back home !

    i hate horror movies .. but one time i and friends were like in the mood of movies and there was basicly 2 movies with the good times for us … chicken little ( cartoon ) and a The Exorcism of Emily Rose ( r3b ! ) …chicken little was my choice bas lel2asaf it already kan bady 9arla 15 sa3a .. so gelna enro7 the other one o etha ma3agabna or khfna we’ll get out …. re7na o beda el movie .. wela shino ? mmino waray ? yahaal 7ata esem el film they cant pronounce .. basicly 9 10 11 years old .. ga3den y’67kon and they were like oooh shofaaw shtakel .. ohhhh shofow ba6enha .. oooh see this .. o swalef el yahal … ana ele eshkobre metga’6ba bel kersy mayta khof .. shlon yahal ekhalonhom ahalhom ydkhilon chethe aflam !! 3ad eltefat wara 3alaihom o gtlohom momkn tasketon ? chan ered 3alay a9qar wa7ed .. la shbetsawen !? .. i was shocked men qelat el adab o el cheapness … o lets check this out .. kan ako film for kids which is chicken little .. which was idea for them to watch ..

    zyada 3ala ele geltoh men mobile ringing , annoying ppl commenting about kel shay 3an el movies , and when some nice pretty girls comes in the movie guys go like : wooow ..ohhh …
    god they’re SICK !!!
    zyada 3ala kel hatha .. the wosrt thing o qemat qelat el adab is when ppl eat popcorn or whatever behind you and its all in your head wela hair .. i once told a mom if she didnt stop her kid i will take him out myself … and what did she do ? 7abebe bas 3ad .. g3ed ege6 popcorn 3ala el kersy ele gedama etgola 7abebe !!
    ohhh and the arm thingy ele fel chair .. kel waaa7ed 3enda waaa7ed for him/her saaa7 ? .. kel ma arooooo7 cinema the person takes over my arm thingy and i end up having my arms crossed the whole movie … o sa3at asawe ro7y endemagt and i go like kick their arms cuz its MINE .. MY ARM PLACE 🙁 .. and they go like kicking my arm again … its just upsetting and annoyinggg walah .. ag3ad bel bait agabel el tv o el dvd wayed awnassss men going to the movies in here ..

    kel mara agol mabe akteb comment 6eweel .. magdar your topics wayed chethe e6eg 3al wattar o ashtaa6 cuz i faced such things .. and i hate it so much .. enass ehne 9ayra mako adab mako e7teram .. mako values laish !! ..
    etha etgol thank you for someone .. he/she will give you the look chenek sabaita !! ..

    thanks o y36eekom el 3afya ..
    love you deera chat ..
    keep it up .

  4. Bedoor;
    DVDs haaa … well you said it sister … now with all the big flat screen TVs you really don’t have to put up with the noise in the movie theater!
    and good u caught your badlia before i made the comment hehehehehe
    wala we have tones and tones of stories about people playing with their cell phones and make comments DURING the movie but that’s something we got used to i guess … and may be in the future we won’t even mind it!!!
    and LOL at the arm rest …. it is only in the theater … same goes for planes, trains, and every where else
    and yeah i had to reply your comment on three sets lol hahaha
    thanks again for your comment and support

    Dawn Fairy:
    i dont know what happened to your comment!!
    please post it again if possible

  5. LOOOOL u guys r funny 😛 hehe
    o fee ba3ad 2 things ibi6oon chabdii ana when going to a movie !!

    -ili warray ishawiit my chair :@
    -illi warray ikoon already shayif the movie min gabil o igool 7ag ili yamma shino bi9eer now :@ :@ AAAAAAAAAHHHHH !!

  6. Samboosa;
    Kids usually kick the seats infront of them when they get excited!! but i still hate them when they do that
    and hahahaha i never faced a person the story because s/he saw it already … but man why the hell do you pay 2.5 to just set next to your friend and start telling the story … it is not like s/he watching the movie at that moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. lol tha7aktoony 3n salfat el tg63. e walla hatha akthr shay elly ba6 chbdy fi q8 cinemas.

    matqa9roon y36eekum el3ayfa i enjoyed hal 7alqa. coz 9ij 9ij me too i had 7arra on the cinema o thank god u both spoke about it.

    bs batheef shay: a9ln el movies most r old.. n very limited. we hav many theatres but u find urself unable to choose either bcoz of bad timings (schedule) or few good movies.. (most r old)..

  8. Hi;
    Guess as said by others.. it all boils down to the way anybody was raised by his parents.. “kella 3ala eltarbiya”.. the second part of the episode goes well with the “Why..Why..Why..” episode. Many people only take the crust of civilization but not the real essence… As for watching the movies at home.. I do prefer to see them in theatres and I suffer alot just because I love going to the cinema as an activity.. you should attend the old ones (pre-invasion) then you’ll appreciate the current experience. Yes, I’m that old p).

  9. Sara
    glad you liked this episode and yeah are soooo right about the censoring in the Kuwait … it SIMPLY SUCK big time!!!!
    i guess buying a big flat screen tv with a surround sound system would just do it for us here in Kuwait!!
    anyhow thanks for your comment and wish you all the best
    just don’t forget to tell your friends!!!

    again and again and again … it is all about the way people are raised!
    good manner and well representation are taken from parents who teach their kids how to react when there other people present!!!
    and yeah you are right … going to the theater has a different flavor than staying home and watching the movie there!!!
    love the popcorn … walking there … love the trailers and the cheap commercials in Kuwait … it is all nice but there is nothing perfect
    man you are not old … coz you are listening to DEERA CHAT …
    so just make sure you listen to us to your last breaths hehehe 😉

    you r right 😉
    thanks for your comment and don’t forget to tell your friends about us!!

  10. In Finland we have very strict regulations for the movie theater! I took my daughter for happy feet the week before Christmas; they asked if she’s over 7 years old! Why? Because if she was younger it will be a boring movie for her. There are rating as a movie that’s ok for all ages, then 7 then 12, then 15 and the last is 18! So I think it’s really good that people here do respect all that.

    It sad that people don’t know how to respect others by answering their phones or talking in the movies!

    Here I’ve been really happy with the movie theaters and hope it’ll get better there!

  11. okay i am totally blown away about the story you just mentioned!!!
    happy feet can be boring and it is an alert to parents!! OMG if we only had a less strict system we’d live in heaven!!
    and yeah lets hope people would act better in the future!!

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