Government Media Parental Control

we mentioned before that the government has implemented new regulation regarding all kinds media coming into the country by having customs and the ministry of information going through them and confiscate what violates our religion, culture, and politics. we have put many question marks over the previous statement which we discussed in our show this week, so listen up and let us know what you think

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  1. You know, your opening music sounds like the opening music to Superbad.

    This is a very good topic, but I live in America, so I don’t have any real opinion about it.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I’m neutral on it to an extent, but I do question why. With the amount of external influence that comes through from Satellite and the internet, I think sometimes the censorship on paperback media, CD’s, movies, etc. goes overboard. I wasn’t raised in the environment so I can’t make many arguments for it, or against it, because they would be very presumptuous. I do see why it could be beneficial, but I also find it very repressive.

    I guess this is just another one of those things I am not used to yet. I was raised in a free society, so this is something I am still struggling with adjusting too tolerate, not fully accept.

  3. Sam:
    exactly … we believe blocking media from one channel doesn’t mean you’ll lock it forever outside the borders of Kuwait … it will come in away or another … to have a healthy cultural and a diverse society, we believe ideas and thoughts and whatever is out there to be shared and discussed to either adopt it or reject it by people not by the government. controlling what people read used to work back in the old days but not anymore.

  4. what a topice ! i always argue about topice with everyone i know .. i don`t see point from cutting movies, not allawing books to be sold inside the country,, there is no points from doing so, cause as u say u can get everything to ur home through the net .. so let it be and let everyone decid what they wanna do

  5. (I should’ve been a host at this podcast… I would’ve said things that would all be censored and not podcasted anyways! :P)

    Your DVDs are still under investigation. Wow… those guys must be really enjoying them… are you sure they are pure action movies not something else 😉

    Anyways, for the topic of how to rate items, I think as you said, you can never agree on one thing. If you want pure islamic, perhaps you should not watch those movies at all as, well, you are staring at a good looking lady with full make up from different angles for 2 hours.

    If we want to allow it but restrict offensive stuff, I think a good idea would be to rely on the movie rating, which people outside spend time doing. That lone is not enough though, as GodFather is ranked +17 and +18, it has only two or three bad scenes in all the trilogy. Beside the rating, there is the reason for the rating. Offensive language, nudity, sexual scenes, bloody scenes. So if a movie is +17 or +18, has nudity then stop it.

    That way, amount of movies on hold will be much less, kids cartoons, harmless movies, documentaries do not need to be put on hold, and for other movies, at least I as a customer can tell which things I can order and which things I can’t.

    This is only for movies. Books and other type of media are not handled here. But again, physics, nature, biography, most these things are harmless and should not take time to be given the pass.

    Also, since censoring right now goes through personal opinion, why not have a list of items that have been banned, so that people know not to order it. Just download it from bittorrent or buy it piratesd :P. No really, if a DVD gets banned once, publish a list online with the list of banned DVDS added there. But I guess they don’t wanna do that it will add a lot of pressure on them.

    Showtime and Orbit sadly broadcast things ten times worse than what most people order I’m sure. But they belong to big business owners which rely on such things, so they don’t wanna stop them from making their money.

    At the end, I am a man who respect copyright, and like good quality DVDs to enjoy. This way, I think piracy is our only way!

  6. I have to say that you guys said what I always wanted to say in a very clear segment in a very genuine tune. As for the solution, I’d like if Kuwait would adapt the policies of UAE’s Ministry of Information. They simply censor only the hardcore nudity and explicit scenes but keep the trash talks, the kiss scenes, and the political agenda unchanged. They also have Borders store as well, which is one of my favorite book stores. We don’t have a decent bookstore just like the rest of the world. My cousin usually go to either Dubai or Beirut to buy her favorite books because she cannot find them in Kuwait. I am a liberal at heart and I hope MOI adapts liberal rules and views regarding what they should censer/block and what they shouldn’t…wa salamatkom 🙂

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