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every year we have tones of youngsters graduating from Kuwait, GCC countries, Jordan, Egypt, US, UK, and other places as well … THEY ALL HAVE to decide whether to work for the government or the private sector, each has its advantages and disadvantages. We go over these points breifly in this episode and we also would like to her from you about this matter so please share with us 😉

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  1. Hellooooo..
    i soo wanted u to have an episode about this topic !!!
    since im new at work life .. i’ll tell you what i wanted and what i do now … i applied for manyyyy private sector companies .. and that is right after i graduated last June . and i got a reply last March ! from a government sector place .. known as one of the best gov places .. so in my case waiting for a job .. i couldnt say no for this job .
    my plan is to have the experience and change the system there in my work place .. its been a month for me and i can see changes and im welling to change more .. infact i did my best to work and finish work no matter what time is it i go back home around 3:30 4 .. and yesterday my boss trusted me to take over her place cuz she couldnt come to work for some work issues .. soo yeah im doing well right ? say mashalah 😛

    but i agree with you m3a el disadvantages of gov sector.. i knew now about 4-5 persons in my work they get their sallaries and have their breakfast *free* and all ..and do what ? NOTHING . i mean nothiiiing at all .. ( freezed )

    about the power .. well yes there is power no doubt about it .
    o0 mako sheqel wayed and they just show off and master creating problems ….. but in private sector the employee is so busy that he cant even think about something but work ..

    my place need someone who is creative + active + and open minded .. so whenever i say something new .. they go like .. WOOOOW … 9iiig ? e9er ensawe chethe .. !
    so yeah weather its private or gov. sector .. i personally think its according to the person him/herself who wants to stand out and do something for Kuwait .. or he/she wants to join the group of airheads and be an airhead and sit during work and wonder how they got fat at the end of the year ! .. yeah i hate suck ppl and i make no contact with them . cuz i stand out among them .
    i pray kel yom ena alah ethabetne to what im planing to do .. cuz its just sad that you work and the last to go home .. and others come to work around 9:30 and leave around 1 which is early ! and they get sallaries and all .. o 3endena youngersters and graduaters who are sitting at home and they’re dieing to work ! ..

    i even told my boss el 5 ele mayeshtaqlon ( freezed ) laneg6a3 rezghom transfer them to a related gov place where they can work cuz they are freezed here .. and hire brand new fresh open minded kuwaities instead ! she said the usuall phrase : shensawe b3ad .
    im telling you shetsaween :@

    ohh i vote for part 2 also .
    this will never end till we change kuwait from the roots and keep it clean from those who are making good ppl look bad !

    thanks for the episode .. 7ady eshta6ait i know ..
    but yeah cuz i felt it i know how its gona be .
    oh and i agree about the timing part .. :))
    thanks alot aagain .. have a nice weekend

  2. The only thing that turns me off from the privet sector is the job security! But I still like think privet is my choice!

    It’s really sad how the Kuwaiti young ones made such a bad reputation by their laciness! I know by fact that there are so many who’re not even close to being lazy!

    I have a friend in Kuwait that work in government job in the day about 7-1, then goes to her privet sector job from 3-11pm. I never understood why the government allows that!

    In Finland you would pay 13-20% vat by working your first job, but if you work a second job then from that close to 40% of your salary! It’s because there are people with no work, and if you want to have 2 then you’re taking someone else’s chance in that work! And the strange part what I noticed when moved from Kuwait to Finland 10 years ago, was that the people in the government sector in Finland are the hard workers, lowest paid and everything simply works right and well! While I remember running around in Kuwait for days trying to get some papers done, for days and in Finland I would get it done in 3 hours and have time to go to school, gym and coffee with a friend!!! And believe me! If you’re not high in government as a minister or president you have no power in Finland!

    Well it was really good listening to this podcast! Very interesting to hear the way it is in Kuwait! I do hope Kuwaitis will start fighting and getting a better reputation about their work abilities and talents!

  3. I used to be 100% private sector supporter, with more exposure and more family commitments, I can see the value of the other side.

    Private Pros:
    1- Potential to promotion and higher salary
    2- Exposure to different companies and outside world
    3- experience
    4- Less routine work, much less paper work usually.

    Private Cons:
    1- Politics: It’s in all private sector, but in Kuwait its too much over you start to put it on top of your list sometimes.
    2- long working hours: For bachelors it’s all right, but when you have family commitment and personal interests, basically if you want to have a life, it’s a problem.
    3- Kill personal business potential: Despite the great exposure and experience you get from private sector, if you want to start your business at the same time, you will either lack the time, or give away other things that might be more important.
    4- Shorter life? I once saw this research done I think on Boeing I can’t find the link though. The results show that on average people who pass 50, lose 2 years of their life for every year they work. This is a statistics that probably shows how intensive and harmful a bad working environment could be. So to be it simple, if you make say 3000 KD/month for a job that might kill you at 50, then it’s better to have a 1000 KD/month job that will give you life till 70. You will enjoy your money, and be there for your family.

    Government Pros:
    1- Short working hours (if any!)
    2- Salaries keep rising recently
    3- Possible to do your own work at working hours
    4- Suitable to start your own business.
    5- You can have your free time to practice things you like

    Government Cons:
    1- Routine nature, no promotion potential and no motive
    2- Paper work, lots of it!
    3- no exposure at all
    4- Kills innovation after so much free time and being surrounded by lazy people (exceptions apply here)
    5- After a while, you can’t move back to private, you get used to it.

    I know however lots of hard workers in big companies who eventually left for government sector. They had enough.

  4. If I just waited a second I could’ve made it in one post. This is a study about the average dying age compared to retirement age:
    click to see

    Guess what this will do is start another fire in majles omma to bring down retirement age 😛

  5. Thanks for suck an important topic. Just wanted to say if you are fresh graduate then maybe private sector could be the place to work, but if you are full of experience and ideas who looks for leadership then government sector is the way to go. People with great management skills and bright ideas should consider working in the government sector so we can lead people and our future to the right direction. Cheers

  6. Badoor:
    it is good that you feel this way, the problem is to keep this attitude going, lots of people start this way but then they start to fade away, I hope that would not be the case with you so keep at it 🙂

    Nora Cassandra:
    its not that Kuwaitis are lazy, some times the environment force u to become cynical and do what is best for you, some people rather not to work hard if they wont be rewarded for it. there is lack of incentive to work hard and be creative, especially in the Government sector. you can have a guy ready to change the world only to be crushed down to boredom, “when in Rome…”

    you are right on the money, that is the case, the trick is to jump ship at the right time.
    thanks for the study

    lots of people consider working in the privet sector for 5 years or so and then switch to Government sector to apply the knowledge and have time to start their own business.

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