Happy Valentine’s from Deera, Dinar, and NOW MOVIE Chat

Happy Valentine’s everyone, one day late of course. we prepared a special episode for this occasion and we would like to ask everybody this one single question;
Is Valentine’s a Blessing or a Curse?
listen to the episode and you’ll know what we mean by a blessing or a curse and let us know what you think.

I love Deera Chat

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32 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s from Deera, Dinar, and NOW MOVIE Chat”

  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys…Happy Valentine
    Kisses and hugs will be ur gifts from me to u

    I missed ya guys, i was busy soooooooooooooooo much, lots of things happened, im gonna post about it..

    I’ve been celebrating this day since forever, cuz i was brought up in the states, every year we had to choose a valentine, i even once chose one of the teachers, he taught the class next to mine, but he came once as a substitute, and i had a girly crush on him, and that year i chose him to be my valentine, so i went to his class to give him the card i made, but i got so nervous when i saw him, i threw the card at him and ran back to my class and hid under the desk, and he came running after me and hugged me and kissed me AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    But one of my best friends, i liked the most, i used to choose him always to be my valentine, he was soooooooooo cute, (btw he’s italian thats why), and i was sooooooooo shy, we were sooooooooo innocent, we played in he playground alot, but there were times i couldnt look at him, we didnt need words, just looking at each other in class would be enough, but i used 2 get jealous cuz there was a another girl that liked him too, and she would give him a card also, but i never said a word….*sigh* ahhhhhh memories
    Unfortunately, in my yearbooks there’s no picture of him, he hated the camera, and never came on picture day…i miss his face.

    But i love valentine’s, every year i get a cake for my family and a rose to each one, even the housemaids, and a card for my daddy, i loooooooooooooooooooove giving cards, on any occasion….

    I had a fight with my best friend a few weeks back, we never talked in work, never called each other, till my aunt died, she came and gave me her condolences, we hugged so hard, cuz we missed each other, but we still didnt speak, but i was planning to get her a card, and hid it in her drawer, telling her how much i love her and she will always be my best friend, she text me saying she cried and that she loves me too…..
    Last year i gave her roses….

    It doesnt have to be for lovers, it can be for anybody u love, and it doesnt have to be a gift thats costy, and there are years when ur lonely and have no one to share it with, but its never a curse….

    Sorry for the loooooong comments and sorry for boring u with my stories…


    BTW i always end my emails with oxoxoxoxox to the people i love.

  2. that was really interesting to lsn to actually, insted of reading o ag3ood a5reg 3yoni lool
    and u guys r really funny 😛
    anyhoo i loved what u both said, o after the story about valentine i kinnda hated valentine loool
    but the freaky part was when u were telling the story about the guy and how he asked his girlfriend to marry him, ana g3dt agool awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, o b3den ento faj2ah you were like “all the girls that are listening akeed ga3deen yegoloo awwww” ana tn7t loool i was like wohhh u guys are scary :S
    anyhoo really loved it and liked u guys, keep up the good work 😀

  3. Hi guys *in tears* :”””””'(

    ma7abona valentines .. valentines mo 7ilo .. Kekhh .. zain :/ ..

    el topic 7ilo wayed .. o right on time .. bas i tottally agree that its the loneliness day for all single ppl .. and who said its to show love for everybody (friends and all ) ohma nass m7tareen cuz they are singles :/ .. its to show ur love for the one u love most .. most likely ur partner in life aked …

    and YES I WAS saying ohhhhh ya7ilwaaaa for the guy with the 15 $ valentine gift !! and then khaima thinGy came and burst my bubble ! :S hehehe

    for me valentines is nice to see ppl y3ne chethe sweet o love is in the air o kel shay .. bas for me personally .. didnt feel anything :/ o ma7ad yably flower even eele eb 100 fils ! :/ nor a kitkat at least !
    i spent my time ams in the gym akthar shay and then had a TUNA sandwitch at 6pm from Coffee beans cafe incase u guys want to try it ..its not WOW sandwitch .. its nice.
    *fe shay bain el tuna o el valentines ? i know 5 ppl ams maklen tuna ..*
    dont get me wrong .. valentine’s is not a curse bel 3aks 7ilo o ewanes ..o romantic.. laken for me personally its Loneliness day .. cuz kel men busy and i feel like the black duck for the 24 hours ;’/

    soo .. Thanks alot
    7aboonkom =D
    and keep it up ;D

  4. – puppylove: its been a very long time since you commented .. so welcome back and happy to hear from you again …
    man it seems like you had lots of love stories back in the old days … and that;s what Valentine’s is all about 😉
    flowers, cakes, candy, or any other form of love would be effecient to your loved ones
    thanks again and happy that your back

    – bl8ees: thanks for the comment .. and yeah thats what podcasting is all about … making things easier … and yeah that was funny about the awwww part … we were just having fun 😉
    thanks again for your comment and please do tell your friends

    – Bedoor: hehehe … you can always enjoy your days with family and friends … and it doesn’t always have to be Valentines … but yeah Valentine’s has its special flavor.
    and yeah that was a really funny about the AWWWW hahahahaha
    i am still enjoying it
    and yeah whats up with the Tuna ???? is it realted to Valentine’s ???
    and yeah … you can always talk to your Deera Chat Friends when you feel lonely 😉

  5. It was so nice listening to you guys. you’re really fun!

    Saint Valentine is not Greek, but Roman! He was a priest in Rome! And the 14th was also a designated a feast day (until 1969, when it was dropped from the Roman Catholic calendar).

    I’m not Catholic I’m Orthodox, our priests (in Greece) do not agree with the celebration of 14th of Feb!! I’m not saying that people really listen to them, but it’s a fact!

    I’m From Finland (which is not Orthodox nor Catholic country), so maybe you would like the way 14.2 is celebrated here. We call it the friendship day. We remember all our friends on this day!

    About you guys forgetting!! Why don’t you use the calenders on you phones? Or just start carrying pocket calenders with all your notes in it? I worked with me!!

    And personally I didn’t go like Ooohhhhh with the guy on the roof story! I think it’s too lame for a man to get me on the roof and propose on a freezing night! But well some girls like that guff!
    My husband shows me love everyday, cooking and helping me through this life. For me that is what love is really about not 1 day a year then forget me the rest of it!

    Hope you keep the good work coming! Enjoyed listening to you guys!

  6. you guys are so sweet and cute .. 7adkom mashalah .. ehehe

    and about the awww part .. kel sa3 a3eeed the episode and i move this i dont know what do you call it .. i move it till the time of the episode goes like 7 mins and some sec and i start laughing all over again ! wehahaha ;D i wish i can see ur face saying that .. i’ll burst out lughing LOOOL .. how desperate gurls can be over a guy who did all of that in 15 $ .. that’s almost 4 to 5 kd ….
    im not that desperate anyways .. bas it felt nice & romantic ;’///

    hehe thanks guys .. so sweet of you … and are you SURE i can talk to you whenever i feel all alone and lonely ? .. cuz i get lonely most of the time .. although i have Zillions of friends but you know ….

    ohh and about tuna .. et9adeg madre shesalfa .. im not a tuna person .. bas habba hal ayam and i always go like : meno ebyakel tuna y3ne .. bas fe el valentine i was like : im hungry shakel ! * diet sucks * .. so i was like ok tuna .. and then ppl around me say : ohh i had tuna .. and i had tuna today .. i will have tuna for dinner .. :S .. and i dont remember ali or msaed had tuna also ..

    well thanks again ..
    7abooonkom ;*

    keep it up ..
    and enjoy the day ;D

    p.s : im gona write down kel ele geltoh in the sushi episode *the ones i didnt try *.. coz some one is going to maki next week ;D
    *diet ? .. 6aaaaaf * ;pPp

  7. – Nora-Casandra: thanks for listening to our podcast and welcome on board … Actually we didn’t know that Orthodox Finish people speak Arabic! But it seems like you understood whatever we were saying pretty well.
    Anyhow, i think we mentioned wrong parts of the story which we are sorry about and thank you for pointing them out.
    that’s a good idea and i always thought about it but never done it … still questioning myself WHY!
    thanks again for joining, and please mention us to your other Finish people who can understand Arabic 😉
    WELCOME on Board 😉

    – Bedoor: thanks Bedoor, hatha min thoqij
    hahaha it seems like you really loved the episode which is good … glad you liked it … and wish you’d always do 😉
    man u know what … i’ve been eating Tuna for almost a week now and i am really tired of it … no more Tuna for me!
    thanks for stopping by again and happy valentines again 😉

  8. Ali have anybody told you how much u repeat the word “Enzain” ??????well for theat 5 min you’ve said it 25 times mashallah 😛

    For me, Valintine’s day has been always a blessing alla ydeema :)enzain 😛

  9. You guys brought some good points on this subject. Here’re mine:

    First, Valentine’s Day can be represented as a day that couples renewed their relationship with each other, in which, things can start to look fresh again. Also, it gives the opportunity for the couples too look back on their past year and review the good days and the bad days and hopefully come up with a solution that bolsters their relationship further.

    However, it can be considered as a curse, when the couples feel obligated to express their feelings…that is, to waste precious time and money on materialistic things rather than emotional thoughts and feelings. Of course, it can be also considered as a curse for single people just as you guys mentioned by creating this tedious pressure on the person and remind him/her that he or she is alone again in this time of year and revealed that they haven’t done anything regarding find a lover or a mate.

    All in all, we should always look at Valentine’s as a day of love for everybody in our life…not just our lovers. O salamatcom ^_^

  10. – xxdeemxx: you then should listen to Dinar chat intro where i said 4 words, 2 were enzin!
    yeah you are right but i am working on it!
    so Zin for your comment and keep in touch 😉

    – Angelo: Thanks for your comment,
    regarding your first point, yes you are absolutely right about renewing a lover’s vows, it is an oppurtunity everyone has to take to show love, even if there is no problems in your relationship, you can use it to strengthen the bond
    flowers, chocolate, jewels, or any kind of materisalic gift is just an expression of your emotions and as we mentioned the more effort you put in your gifts, the more valuable it is
    thanks for your comment and wish you enjoyed your V day.
    thanks for stopping by again and don’t forget to mention us to your friends 😉

  11. Happy Valentine’s day Deera Chat Family, sorry i know i’m late.
    For us women never be a curse coz women are bs receivers. On the other hand, it is to men lama yefalsoon o yeg3edoon 3ala el7adeeda, so dramatic ;Pp
    What about bisexuals?! Who will cursed?
    LOL I’m confused.

  12. Happy Valentine’s day Deera Chat Family, sorry i know i’m late.
    For us women never be a curse coz women are bs receivers. On the other hand, it is to men lama yefalsoon o yeg3edoon 3ala el7adeeda, so dramatic ;Pp
    What about bisexuals?! Who will be cursed?
    LOL I’m confused.

  13. or yemken he got them men baithom so he saved his 15$ for the food and plastic / paper plates ? or maybe he got plates men his home also .. and he saved the 15 $ in his bank account LOOOOOOOOL 😛

    eqte9ady 7ada mashalah

    bas walah 3ala el aqal he did somthing romantic :/ .. that’s what counts sa7 :”’/

  14. – Bedoor: another possibility … the whole point was that it is all about the effort you put in your gift.

    – elaine.ess: ‘7ima ‘7ima ya jima3a next year 3ala sa67 il ‘7al musaed’s office 😉

  15. eee walah .. at least she got something .. :/ * klish mo m7tara sa7 ? *
    hehe .. alah ehaaaaanehaaaa yubaa …

    o u’re right its the effort you put in the gift 🙂

  16. AS for the movie chaaaaaaaaaaaaaat I looooooooooooooove the idea i love movies so much cant wait to get home & listen to what u have if u aploaded any already? madri bs shai eyshwwwwwwwwg :D:D

    *jumping around* me happy

  17. Hmm leish my 1st comment has a discount any how i will re type the main part!

    Ooooo gwakm allah Ali Musaed, I missed commenting over here :}

    Valentine’s day an other great episode by the people that I missed commenting on ALI & MUSAED 😀 sorry I had a looooot on my hands! But am catching up

    First valentine’s day is a day to celebrate the death of a saint! How can the celebration of love be linked with death, I know its meant to be in the honor of the marriage guy when marriage was banned but he died? It should be a baaaaaad day for lovers, right?

    Second, if a guy loves me and remembers to give me all those red things (or any nice gift) they give in the v-day in valentines day LIKE ALL OTHER PEOPLE and not make it a special private event at ANY other time of the year it would not be special at all, I mean come on you had the WORLD to remind you of that day! How about if he remembered me for no reason in any day of the days & cared to say I love you? He would be an angel. Gifts & flowers are nice but when ever he has the time they are more welcome than the time that the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT
    مو ذاكرني من كيفه و علشاني لا بسبة هالاحمر اللي تارس الديرة @@

    Third and most important I do not like to celebrate in other than the official Eid’s we have as Muslims, not only bec. of religious reasons but also because all other days don’t make sense to me! (for example: mother’s father’s day! I do not like to celebrate & show my love to them in a single day that the whole world knows about! & each one of them has his own day! Naaa am better with taking them out to a nice dinner or just making them happy every once & a while for no reason, to me this is more passionate) HOWEVER I believe in the freedom of people so if some are happy with such days I congratulate them & if they greet me I greet them back because it matters to them & its nice of them to remember me in a day that means something special to them 😀

  18. – Q80-chillGirl: thanks and glad you liked the movie chat.
    and yeah its been a while since you last commented
    you are sooo right that love has to be there anytime and anywhere, it doesn’t have to be on V day specifically.
    you are absolutely right about celebrating your own Eids and showing love to your wife, husband, father, mother, or any other person doesn’t have to be in these specified dates!
    thanks again for your comment and happy to hear from you again

    -7asoon: man you are ROCK lol lol and you could’ve spent the day on some laughing gas or something

  19. Hi ALi & Musaed;
    nice guys… a bit dissappointed of you guys, graduating from the states and all that… I thought you guys would be more open to this than others. For me! I celebrated V. Day since forever.. University days, it was like something we introduced and us “cool guys” started a trend (early 1980’s).. It was cool and the girls just lovvvvvved the attention (of course they didn’t know that we sent out douzens of flowers and cards each year).. when I wanted to get married, I proposed on V. day and it became an aniversary since then that we celebrate each year.. Love is always there, but it won’t hurt to dedicate few days to especially show someone that you care… But what really surprised me were some of your girl listeners didn’t like V. Day.. I thought girls enjoy making us suffer for their affection (esp. being on the receiving side of it)… lol

    keep up the good work.

    luv ya

  20. Mohammad
    well talk about laziness .. thats us!!! hehehehe
    and man thats a great idea to propose on V day …. SMART, me love so much hehehehe
    and as mentioned it is all about the efforts you put in your gift … we know girls like to be the center point of everything and guys have to show them that … and i believe we have to work more on our V day skills …
    thanks for your comment and welcome on board … in case your new hehehehe
    and yeah don’t forget to tell your friends about us

  21. امم أعتقد إنها نعمه ولعنه بنفس الوقت ..
    نعمه .. لأنها تبث الحياة بالقلب وتزيده حب 🙂
    ونقمه ( لعنه ) إذا كان هذا الحب إندفن وفيه ذكريات والحب راح للأبد ..
    So it’s a blessing & a curse as the same time 🙂

  22. okay 7adi mita25ra cause i just heard the podcast… and I like it 😀 It’s funny… aham shay when when you guys were talking about the guy who did the dinner thing.. my first reaction was awwwww and then you guys start making fun of the fact that girls were gonna just do that exactly… lol.. i cracked up!

  23. hahahaha … yeah i guess that was funny and we are glad you liked the episode
    we had to record this part twice becauase we cracked up ourselves in the first time
    thanks for coming over again and wish you had a very happy V day

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