Health Insurance in Kuwait

Why a Kuwaiti has to wait inline in the governmental lines to get Healthcare? we are all 2 million people with 5 governmental hospitals? how can we fix it? is it a dream that we can go to the hospital and get treated right away?
wait line hospital
specially the weather here in Kuwait is so polluted with sickness!!!
anyhow listen to us this week and tell us what you think about the solution we laid out.

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  1. welcome Dr. Rashed..;>


    ما احب النطرة بالمستشفيات قطيعه ….. كل شي مخربط ماكو تنظيم ولويه حدهم ….عاد الصحه اهم الشي ولازم تكون منظمه واهي من المعالم اللي ترفع من مستوى الديرة…:)


    الحكومه تعطيكم @@

    اي هيًن !!!


    بس اقتراحكم هذا يلغي المستشفيات الحكومية لان الكل راح يتجه حق الخاص ! عيل اشفايدة الحكومي ؟

    لو ينفضون الحكومي نفاااااااااض عدل وينظمونهم عدل من الاول يكون احسن


    عيل اروح حق دكتورة جلديه وانطر الدور ولين اييب واسطه عشان يدخلوني لان كل من هب ودب بدش على كيفه ولما ادش عليها اقولها في حبوب تطلع لي ابيج توخرينهم تعطيني دوه يحرق ويهي كله ؟؟؟؟ وصارلي اكثر من سنه على هالحاله ؟؟ ولما اروح الخاص ويهي يرجع احسن من اول @@

    شنو اخاف الادويه بعد غير!!!

    مخشوش الحكومي الظاهر ههههه


    بس اذا الحكومه راح تدفع الفواتير بدال لا تبني تسع مباني….جذي راح تصير الفواتير مبالغها اكثر من بنيان هالمباني ….شي اكيييييييييييييييييد !!

    عموما خوش موضوع اليوم فيه اجابيات وسلبيات …واذا الحكومه تبي تتطبقه يبيلها سنين على ما تطبقه لان موضوع كبير ويبيله دراسه كبيره…:)

  2. -you said it sister, i’d rather stay sick than go to a hospital.
    Also privatization can work for the current governmental hospitals where same people would still work at their current jobs but with regulations “if you know what i mean” hehehe
    – don’t think about it as a construction cost only the government is paying, everytime you go to the hospital and Doctor diagnosis you, it is all coming out of the government’s pocket!
    also all the equipment, staff, management, maintainance, and much more
    – and yes you are right … it is a one day task … it would take years and years … and it has positive and negative aspects but the results are as i believe much better than our current situation

  3. why do we have the best machines in the world and don’t use them unless sheikh flan in coming to the hospital they get the machines out..

  4. Very “eye-popping” topic indeed and very controversial too ^_^

    This is the first time I listened to your podcast and I have to say it sounded really professional. Keep the good work guys 😉

  5. youre losing it boys! what makes/made you special is that you talk about young people things! stock market, health system? give me a break! if am interested in such a thing I can go read things that are deeper than what you say! just focus on new generations staff rather than the boring other things!

  6. – Judy Abbott: well, this is not always true but 99% of time hehe

    – Angelo: thanks for listening and welcome on board

    – Bigbrain: i totally disagree with you man, if you read the podcast’s header about Deera Chat it said;
    he 1st Kuwait Podcast that talks about our lives in Kuwait. It might be funny, serious, lame, or even scary
    so our show is about everything related to our Kuwaiti society, you might not like this week’s topic but that doesn’t mean you won’t like the rest.
    Thanks for your concern and i promise to talk more about the younger generation

  7. i totally support teh health insurance propsal u guys mentioned, it would encourage health care improvement in teh country thru competition. Plus, the government is already paying vast amounts of money on people who are being treated abroad, bringing our health facilities into the wanted standards would cost a whole lot less.. but again.. easy said ;p

    ya36eekom il3afia..

    keep up the good work

  8. Great idea to introduce health insurance for citizens, but isn’t it over rated? Why can’t the government just build reasonable sized health centers in each district rather than spending heafty amounts of money in large hospitals. They can treat the simple and day-to-day sicknesses in the health centers and if the patients need specific treatment then they can be transfered to larger hospitals which have the required facilities. Obviousley that would take years of planning and implementation, but personally, working in the insurance industry its a “rat race”.. Lets just hope the government can afford it.

  9. you’re right, thats why we gave up on the government trying to fix things, we relay on charity to fix the hospitals theses days, imagine, a country like Kuwait. at least with health insurance, the government just spend money (which is done any way for this and that country).

  10. This is a good topic to talk about. I have lots of things to comment, but first of all all you guys have the same voice, a agdar amayyiz bain a9watkum but whatever… ;P

    Anyways… As a medical student, mn al7in ga3da a7aty shlon I’ll be working at the government hostpitals in Kuwait. Just by entering el mustashfa you get sick. And the rooms are so ugly. I even noticed that the rooms are not equipped. Not much facilities are available. And this is very disappointing since Kuwait is a rich country and I know that we CAN improve the hospital and the health care, generally.

    I also think that there’s lack of doctors. That is why patients get to wait in line (hoping they still manage to stay alive)… Bs kil shay la 7al and I hope the government DOES something towards this issue.

  11. Oh and I am not very sure about the idea which you guys suggested. It is something new indeed, but I think that will only give less “ehtimam” to the government hospitals.

  12. BRAVO!! I totally agree with you guys. You are ETH’HABAH (golden men ;p), but who listens? If the government knew about this great idea, you think they would work on it as soon as possible? HUH, NOT IN YOUR DREAMS!! Just give them some time; ana wathqa enhom inshallah inshallah after a DECADE they will THINK about it and discuss it with each other. Lil2asaf.

  13. As a person who will soon be working at a hospital i totally agree with u, so much lacking and a long way to go!

    Keep it up guy ur doing an amazing job, i just love listening to u!

  14. – Cece: we didn’t know we all had the same voice!!! i, Ali, have a bolboli voice, and Musaed has a karawni voice, but if you say so, mo mishkila.
    we all know lots of Kuwaiti doctors have been migrating to saudi and other countries for the higher pays there!! which is crazy, why the government is not doing anything about it instead of importing doctors!!!

    we didn’t talk about this topic unless we thought it might benefit us and il Kuwait

    – Solo: thanks hahahahaha, if one person related to this topics listens, it is GREAT. If they don’t do the our idea, they can just develop to to fit their needs. there are soooo many ideas out there that could benefit us as citizens and benefit our country, but people have to THINK which they are not doing back in any ministry!

    – esha3wa: hope things will get better,,, you never know … thanks and welcome on board

  15. After listing to the podcats and reading the comments i am still very undecided whether i like this idea of “insurance”.
    what happens to those who can’t afford it?
    what happens to the current hospitals?
    what about all the new specialty hospitals that have been built?

    last i checked we were three million people living in Kuwait, only one third (one million) actually Kuwaiti

    yes this is a good idea .. and like people before me said … there are negatives and positives

    P.S. i’m looking forward to dinar chat, and if you put your 1000 KD in the market, tell me i might meet your 1000 :p

  16. – Blake Benjamin: thanks

    – Laialy q8:
    what happens to those who can’t afford it?
    the government would grant all Kuwaiti citizens the insurance to get all services they used to get from the governmental hospitals. Foreigners would pay for the services like they used to before or after the change

    what happens to the current hospitals?
    they would still operate but under new management that converts it to the new system. OR the government can leave these 5 hospitals as is for people who don’t want to switch to the new system.
    and same goes for the new specialty hospitals.

    by the way we started dinar chat last week and you can listen to the first episode by clicking on the tab in the top of the page of the sidebar icon

    thanks for your thoughts and enjoy this weeks episode about the Kuwaiti Dreams

  17. I truely do not know why we don’t have health insurance in Kuwait, public hospitals suck big time & I do not remember the last time I was in a public hospital for a real issue! mostly the company clinic or the mostaw9af for a sick leave signature when am not in the mood to go to Al-Ahmadi

    🙁 its truelly sad to see our health system especially that we are such a wealthy country!!

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