How Fair is the 50?

is it our problem that we worked hard and watched our spendings to not get caught in the loans trap and at the end the people who didn’t know how to manage their spendings got rewarded. I MEAN GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

the article – alqabas – 24/06/2008

3 Replies to “How Fair is the 50?”

  1. 100% FAIR!

    It just makes me wonder. Why did I study? Why did I work so hard? And why do I need to work anymore?

    The other thing is the sandoq mo3sren. 450 million KD for 10,000 people. 6 months back, one bank at medical exam government ground offered me 50 times my salary loan. Now because I am using my sense, I said NO. I could’ve on the other hand taken the loan (say 50,000), bought some investment lands in Dubai, and earn something of 15,000 per year, only to be called mo3ser and have the government give me the loan on zero interest!

    So is it fair, yes it is fair!

  2. Deera Chat: I personally never invested in Dubai, but it was an example. Good real estate investment generally returns 30% or so annual. This I have seen.

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