How many times you were late for a valid reason and HR didn’t believe you. How many times you had to leave early for a valid reason and it was rejected for no reason. How many times you were supposed to get a promotion but the HR rule is not to give more than 2 in the department and you were not one of them. How many time, how many times, how many times, it is endless and it SUCK. listen to our show this week and let know what you think.

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  1. I was lucky to work for a small bank in Kuwait. their HR dpt was amazing! when I had to leave them to go back to college they told me: if you change your mind we always would have a position for you.
    now while i am in the states, i deal with Embassy from time to time … as graduate student I am entitled to a sum of KD600 to purchase a computer. I don’t need one but I need that money to buy stuff for my experiment and I was denied ya3ni lazim lie or fake a receipt or buy an expensive computer i dont need just to make use of this money as many people do? its sucks man! 5alha 3ala Allah

  2. HR for me was never a place I felt to go for advise or help. It’s the place you go to when you want to join, or resign 🙂

    One job, the company asked for medical examination. I went asking around, all told me u need a special form. The company didn’t know what the hell that form was, and the lady asked me “what am I a doctor?” I told her, “when you take your car to the garage, you know what you want, you just don’t know how to do it!” I had to eventually do some blood testing, and beg the doctor to sign their silly one page request for medical examination. I was the only one it turns out who did it, and last one for years to come!

    Second is in a ministry, when I got the salary with 200 KDs off! I thought it’s penalty for my bad wake up late habit. But when I went asking, they said “we have TA7AFOTH on ur son”. God, is he illegal? I asked my self. They said u have no paper proof.

    So I went to ask one old lady everyone talks about. She was a bit fat, old, sticking to her chair. Above her posted 4 arrows all pointing to the center, screaming “OM FLAN”!. And beside that, copies of a guy who took time and space of official newspaper to write about how he likes her way of dealing with customers “I Like Om Flan way of dealing” That’s some important piece of news, and I can only imagine the type of service she provided.

    So anyways, she must be good I said. I greeted her with full respect, explained my problem. Only to hear her scream back “YES, OFCOURSE!. There is no paper for ur kid. Where is it?” I said to my self “Ofcourse not in ur lap, in the files, where else?”. But I learned a lesson not to take things seriously. I asked her to check, she showed me even no wife name registered. Now that’s awkward as I am getting social allowance, so it means I did bring the paper. It’s just someone didn’t do his homework.

    Me: OK, what do you need now?
    Her: Marriage certificate + child certificate
    Me: Anything else? Seriously.
    Her: No that’s all

    I could’ve done the next day, but I wanted to correct MY mistake. So I drove back to Egaila, got papers, drive back to work. Hand them over, look at my watch “Ohh, look at the time. It’s almost over for today!”

    Happy? I was laughing. The road is fun with lots of podcasts you can’t finish. I hope they were happy as well!

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